Little Bird

2 October, 2011

When I started walking on my own in the blustery, windy, exhilarating Lakez, this is what I was listening to.

Get out there without a waterproof on a windy day and thrill to the icy musikz!

Drinkses went well!

2 October, 2011


A great evening 🙂

p.s. Edited to add: since I got the Mac I’ve not been able to work out how to add a picture! Which is a major bummer, since I like including pictures. And piccies are supposed to be something the Mac does particularly well. Sigh… I must devote an hour or so to working it out.

Wrong is the new Right!

2 October, 2011

There’s something unsettling about this advert that I find disturbingly wonderful 🙂

I’ve also been reveling in a re-watch orgy of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s excellent TV Dinners. Grab your laptop and settle down in a comfy corner to watch all four series here, with 4onDemand.

Eep! Drinkses!!

1 October, 2011

Finally I’ve asked some neighbours round for drinks. I realised that if I actually waited until I was tidy I’d be waiting for ever. Meanwhile, much external window painting scheduled for tomorrow morning…