Wrong is the new Right!

There’s something unsettling about this advert that I find disturbingly wonderful 🙂

I’ve also been reveling in a re-watch orgy of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s excellent TV Dinners. Grab your laptop and settle down in a comfy corner to watch all four series here, with 4onDemand.

One Response to Wrong is the new Right!

  1. JH says:

    Have you got to series 3 episode 5 yet?

    “Hugh joins baby Indie Mo’s Welcome to the World party, where a very unusual ingredient is on the menu – a mother’s placenta.”

    A most memorable TV moment.

    Did I tell you we went to Hugh’s cafe in Axminster? It was okay, but better was the fish & chips from Rick Stein’s in Falmouth a few weeks ago. They were certainly the best I’ve ever tasted – bass in batter fried in beef dripping.

    My previous favourite fish & chips had been from a chip shop in Porthleven run by an ex lorry driver whose dream whilst driving had been to move down to Cornwall and run a fish & chip shop. Behind the counter and this very large red man were pictures of various lorries he’d driven. He was only there a few years before he died – probably of some cholesterol related disease.

    In fact one of my most memorable meals ever was from there. We had bought fish & chips and taken them up onto the cliffs a little way out of the village and were watching the sun going down over Mounts Bay when two characters in ill fitting suits of strange cut appeared struggling up over the top of the cliff. So surprised were they to see us, and we them, that they stood staring at us for a few silent moments before heading off hurriedly along the coastpath in the opposite direction – presumably to where the streets are paved with gold (although they were going in the wrong direction).


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