All the best tunes

Making coffee in the kitchen just now I switched on the radio. It’s permanently tuned to Radio 4, of course (is there another channel? Heh…), and so I happened to hear a rendition of Love Divine, All Loves Excelling on Sunday Worship, which isn’t something I normally listen to.

I was reminded of how much I love that tune, and once again I was reminded that the hymn writers seem to have swiped most of the very best tunes.

I couldn’t find the version I heard this morning online, but here’s another lovely one.

This isn’t a religious posting, btw: agnosticism rulez Chez Peewiglet. I simply love the tune.


3 Responses to All the best tunes

  1. John J says:

    Appropriate. Nice one.
    BTW, try the BBC world Service when there’s crap on BBC R4. It’s good.

    • peewiglet says:

      Hi JJ ♥

      I used to listen to the World Service on the way to work v. early in the morning, before R4 came on. I always enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll have another listen.

  2. John J says:

    It’s available on DAB 24hours a day, also available online on the BBC iPlayer.

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