Fantastic streaming video app for iPad/PC — Air Video (£1.99)

Wow! I’ve just bought Air Video for my iPad (at the massive cost of £1.99), downloaded (free) and installed Air Video Server on my WinXP PC and am now able to stream–converting on the fly–videos from my PC to my iPad! I’ve only tried one so far, but it worked instantly, even when I carried the iPad down to the kitchen (the XP PC lives upstairs). I can’t recommend it more highly!

I was a little confused when I first went to the proggy on the iPad after downloading it because I didn’t know I needed to download the PC software too, but a few minutes puzzling and a quick Google produced the solution.

1. Download the app to your iPad.
2. Download the server software (just Google Air Video Server and choose the appropriate one) to the computer where your videos live.
3. After installing the server software, add (very intuitive) your video folder(s).
4. Return to your iPad and click on the app. You should now see your other computer listed as a server. Click on it (with your wee finger) and you should be able to browse your folder(s) for videos.
5. After selecting one there’s a choice to convert it or stream on the fly. I went for the latter and it worked perfectly: no stuttering or any kind of delay.

Fantastic! I can’t remember when I was last so excited by any kind of new computer proggy. This means I can make bread in the kitchen while browsing through my extensive selection of documentaries and stuffs on the iPad 🙂

p.s. Do you like documentaries too? If so, scroll down and see the links (bottom right) to online documentary sites where you can get all sorts of fantastical goodies: legitimate and free.

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