Can you recommend a good UK web hosting company?

My website is currently down because the domain name expired last week.

As far as I know, I have another 3 weeks to retrieve it, but I’m not terribly keen to carry on with Hostpapa, my current web hosts.

Can anybody recommend a good one? I don’t mind paying for it, though as it’s simply a hobby site I don’t want to pay lots of money.

Any recommendations very gratefully received. Hopefully my trip reports etc will be back up soon 🙂

14 Responses to Can you recommend a good UK web hosting company?

  1. Martin B says:

    I’ve found Fasthosts to be reliable over the years, Shirley, but I’m not a very demanding user.

  2. Andrew Dawkins says:

    Hi – I’ve used knet for a friends web site, they are cheap and responsive –


  3. Tony Bennett says:

    Hi Shirl

    I do Windows hosting. Server is in Manchester. V competitive rates. Email me if you want to know more.


  4. Roger Boston says:

    I have been using for the last number of years with no problems

  5. Phil Lambert says:

    Hi Shirl

    Doodlecat has been with U2-Web since birth. Not a UK outfit, but they do have UK freephone tech support and were very helpful when I was setting up.

    I use the Linux 1 package which does all I want and a lot more besides. Not free though – I pay annually and for the last 4 years its been $104.90 (about £65) pa. I barely scratch the 25gb traffic quota – 2gb in a month is a lot for Doodlecat.

    No doubt there are cheaper alternatives, but I have found them very reliable and easy to deal with. You can ring them for a chat on 0808-189-0856.

  6. Ian Barton says:

    I have used A2 hosting in the past. See

    I used their US servers, but they do have servers in Europe. Not free, but I think their lowest price option is around £5 per month. They are very flexible and the support is excellent.

  7. John Hesp says:


    Been very good for me for several years. More business oriented than cheap and cheerful.

    I wonder if other people find it virtually impossible to leave comments on your blog.


    • peewiglet says:

      Hi John,

      Apologies for the difficulty in leaving comments. It may just be that I approve them all these days prior to publication, and because I’m out a lot I don’t always remember to check for new comments. Was it something other than that?

  8. Chris @ Outdoors Grub says:

    Just a bit of advice on the domain name: you will need to renew it with the current host and then wait at least 60 days before you move the admin of the domain name (that is, who you get the renewal bills from) to a new domain provider. The new domain provider will charge you for the transfer in, and add 1 year’s extra renewal for this. If you don’t wait 60 days then you will lose the extra 1 year’s renewal. I’d recommend that you manage your domain names yourself rather than let the hosting company do it, so they are under your total control; (part of Fasthosts) is fairly good for this and you can have domains on auto-renew. [My other business is web hosting so I know the ins and outs… you seem to have lots of ideas for a host so I won’t throw my hat in the ring too!]

    • peewiglet says:

      Thanks Chris — that’s very helpful.

      I’ve just renewed the domain. After 60 days, would it somehow be possible for me to manage the domain name myself, given that it’s an existing domain name rather than a new one?

  9. flanker says:

    hello stranger!
    I use FreeHostia for hobby sites. Pretty good for f.o.c.

  10. Mango Terrier says:

    I’ve been with since 1999. In addition to my main site I’ve recommended them to many customers. No problems whatsoever. On the very rare – three or four times over thirteen years – that there’ve been minor issues I’ve been able to speak directly to tech support within five minutes, and have had everything resolved within another five.

    I principally use my site to create sub-sites for each of my customers. My main business is print design and production, and during the course of a typical (three-week) project we may be uploading up to 300 documents, ranging in size from I to 40Mb. This volume of traffic continues for some eight months of a typical year. We have never had a serious (defined as more than 2-hour) outage in these thirteen years, and have never had data-loss.

    The cost is scarcely worth bothering about. I think I pay about £60 for domain hosting (And I’ve a .com domain, being an early adopter) and 50GB of webspace. This includes email redirects and POP email hosting.

  11. peewiglet says:


    Many thanks everybody for those very helpful suggestions. I’ve renewed the domain name (phew!) and now just have to decide who to go to for hosting. I’ll follow up all of your suggestions: much appreciated ♥

  12. ayan host says:

    Hi Shirl

    I do Windows hosting. Server is in Manchester. V competitive rates. Email me if you want to know more.

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