We are all shamed, IMO…

3 May, 2013

…by David Cameron’s bizarre decision not to offer asylum to the Afghan interpreters.

How on earth can any decent person possibly believe that it’s morally appropriate to throw those who have put their lives (and those of their families) on the line to assist us to the wolves inhabiting Afghanistan? I simply can’t get my head around it! Only somebody entirely lacking in compassion, as well as anything resembling a  sense of moral responsibility, could have taken such a decision, IMO.

Mine is not a political blog by any means, but I really believe that the Tories need to get rid of David Cameron ASAP.  In all sorts of ways it seems to me that he’s demonstrated time and time again that he’s entirely divorced from the reality of living for the vast majority of the population: both here and (quite clearly!) in Afghanistan, and elsewhere. And I say this as somebody who started out as a Conservative (though these days I’d describe myself as an old-fashioned Liberal).

I’m truly horrified to think of the agonies that those brave men and women must now be going through, as they contemplate the prospect of assassination at the hands of the organisations they’ve helped us to fight.

And all in order to save a few pounds, in real terms? Really, I’m cringing in embarrassment 😦


What a fabulous day!

2 May, 2013

Had an early finish at work today, and now I’m sitting with a glass of Merlot and my iPad enjoying free wifi and blazing sunshine at a lovely place 15 minutes from home

I feel as though I’m having lunch at a tiny table in a quirky backstreet in the French pyrenees! Gorgeous! If the weather was always like this here it might even be my very first choice in lovely places to live!