Website finally back up again


Hello! Is there anybody out there?

Old pals might remember that in 2010 I stupidly allowed my domain name to expire. It was snapped up by a US internet company keen to sell it back to me for some ridiculously inflated price. I registered a similar domain name instead, but didn’t ever get round to re-uploading the page.

Anyway, a few days ago I checked to see whether had finally become available again, and it had, so I’ve put my page back up. I’m sure lots of links will need fixing, but all my old backpacking write-ups should now be working again. I’ve started having fun re-reading them.


15 Responses to Website finally back up again

  1. John Hesp says:

    How exciting !!! That’s some good winter reading lined up. I bet when I read them I’ll wish I’d applied for the TGOC.
    I hope you’ll upload more of you adventures onto it.

  2. Bob Andrews says:

    Welcome back. Is your neighbour still behaving?

  3. Fellbound says:

    I’m here. You don’t know me but we have a mutual dislike of fields full of cattle. I know that from your older posts.

  4. mikeknipe says:

    Hurrah! (that’s about it, really!)

  5. Good to see you back. Am still here

  6. russ manion says:

    welcome back shirl, wondered where you had gone

  7. Podcast Bob says:

    Err hullo. I think I remember the face, its the name I’m lost with:)

  8. Phil Lambert says:

    Huzzah! Hooray! Welcome back – we’ve missed you, Shirl. I’ll scamper over to your site right now 🙂

    Have you got your old challenge diaries back? Gotta get those links up on Doodlecat. It’s Challenge planning season you know.

    Love from Phil & Miss W.

  9. litehiker says:

    I’m glad you’re back in your old home again.

  10. John Horner says:

    Hi Shirl, have missed your posts and always enjoyed reading your write-ups especially the Pennine Way, glad you are back

  11. John Horner says:

    Hi Shirl, nice to see you back, have just started rereading your Pennine Way trip

  12. Humphrey Weightman says:

    Snorrty Snorrt! Let The Grunting begin once more! We miss you! xx xx

  13. Bill Fisken says:

    Glad you’re blogging again – I missed you 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.

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