Happy times to all current Challengers

20 May, 2015

Such happy memories of my last Challenge! Would love the chance to do it again 🙂

So! Does this still work?

15 May, 2015

ZOMG… another week from Hell!

But muzicks almost always brings us through, if we give it a chance! Me, anways. 🙂

I’m sure this is already here somewhere, but it’s so close to my heart that I’m posting it again. I love it, and remember being unable to afford to buy it back in the 70s when I was a sprog at skool and singles cost 50p but I only got 10p a week pocket money, so I just had to run through it in my mind as I was jogging to the train station to get home. And now I can just look it up on YouTube and listen to it any time I like! And it still brings such a huge smile to my face 🙂

This always happens. Friday night, YouTube musicks search madness. Multiple editing of an earlier blog posting.


Here’s another one from the same time. I was in love with the physics teacher, Mr Goley, though, and so actually saved up my 10p’s in order to be able to buy this for him. I wrapped it up lovingly and secreted it in the physics and chemistry lab for him. My friend Moira Finn helped by keeping watch. Thank you, Moira 🙂 Since I’m now in my 50s (*faints*) he must now be absolutely ANCIENT!!!! But I can still see him walking jauntily along the bottom corridor, and remember him bathed in a cloud of lovely Aramis 🙂

This got to Number 1, but for some reason they didn’t play it at the end of Top of the Pops. Never quite got to the bottom of that! Must have been something political going on, as Number 1 was always played at the end of the show. Since I didn’t have my own copy, having given it away, I was outraged, and wrote to the BBC to complain. They didn’t reply. Hmmm…

And here’s the later version from Babe. Couldn’t believe it when I switched on the DVD (ok, so prolly it was a video) and one of my fave tuneZ of all time came on! Turned out to be the Best FiLm Evah! Maaaaa…. xxx