Deep Joy! A computer thingy seems to have worked :)

8 December, 2015

7 years ago I invested in two 1TB HDs and set up a RAID 1 array for what was then my new PC. I made a backup and it’s been running away in the background ever since.

That PC has now bitten the dust (well, almost — it’s too old to update and still running on XP) and so I’ve had to buy a new one, all bright and shiny with Windows 10.

Was dreading the process of data transfer, but then I remembered my RAID 1 array… I’ve plugged it into the new PC and it seems to see everything! Joy, joy, joy!!!

Will take it back upstairs and do a final backup, and hopefully that will save me about two weeks 🙂

Edit: oh, drat…forgot about work!

Back to work

Well, will hope to get it all sorted this evening 🙂