David Bowie — Touched my Life

I’m more than sad today to hear of the death of the incomparable David Bowie.

When my sister and I were muddy little sprogs growing up in the country with our lively and equally naughty pals across the fields the four of us couldn’t afford to buy a lot of albums, but there were two that we listened to all the time. One of them was Hunky Dory, and the sounds of it will forever be all muddled up in my mind with my memories of those golden early teenage days, and etched into my heart.

Not that I’m the first to ask the question, but where does life go? It seems to have flashed past from 14 to 54 in the blink of the proverbial eye.

Bizarrely, in the circumstances, my sister returned from New York this morning. She flew over last week to see DB’s new play and to watch a tribute band. Happily, she didn’t hear of DB’s death until she got home this morning. Now she feels it like a family bereavement.

I’d die happy to have been able to write just one line of one verse of any of these tunes. RIP David Bowie, and thank you x


Oh! You Pretty Things

Eight Line Poem

Life on Mars



Fill Your Heart

Andy Warhol

Song for Bob Dylan

Queen Bitch

The Bewlay Brothers







One Response to David Bowie — Touched my Life

  1. Favourite Bowie track? “Sense of Doubt” for me. I always felt a bit left out with Bowie as I would have liked to have loved his work, but it just didn’t quite work for me apart from the odd track or two.

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