Another great tune :)

25 February, 2016

Thanks, Loyd Grossman 🙂

Beautiful Frosty Morning

25 February, 2016

Early walk 🙂

Edited to add: Um… this would have worked better with the pictures!

Super-kewl things

21 February, 2016

I love that tune! Boogie-funk! Only just realised what it’s called. Have to get it into the timeline thingy 🙂

I also love ‘Master and Commander‘, which I spotted on the TV this evening. It’s currently on pause, although I must have watched it 20+ times. Wonderful! Starring the super-sexy Russell Crowe and Colin Ibbotson Paul Bettany.

Heh… Colin knows what I mean 🙂


Beaches — Great Tune!

21 February, 2016

About 30+ years ago I switched on the television one afternoon and found that Beaches, with Bette Midler, was playing. I’d prolly have ignored it had this great tune not come on, but I stopped to watch and really enjoyed it.

This evening I switched on the television and — lo and behold — there was the same fiLm! IMO this is still a great tune, very well sung 🙂

Small haul from Desert Island Discs

19 February, 2016

I came across a few lovely things on DID as I was driving home today. Many thanks to Sigrid Rausing for the Alison Kraus and the Chopin, and to Professor Dame Carol Black for reminding me of the glorious Mozart 🙂

I’d forgotten…

18 February, 2016

…how great John Denver was. I’m afraid I’m a sad country-music lover 🙂

I was reminded this evening, though, as I’ve embarked on another Radio 4 podcast-fest as I’m between books. This evening as I’m making some salads for dinner I’m listening to Ben Saunders on Desert Island Discs, and he chose this.

Speaking of loving country music (I’m not sure I have the right definition here, but in my mind it’s part of the same sort of genre) I was listening t’other day to some tuneZ I’ve put up on here whilst doing something repetitive at work. I loved them all, of course, but the one that jumped out and poked me the hardest was this one 🙂 Great tune, amazing voice, clever lyrics. Surprisingly excellent!



Spring has Sprung

1 February, 2016

Wild garlic

The wild garlic is here. 1st Feb. Amazing! And extremely yummy 🙂