The Cafe at the Museum in Manchester


I was in Manchester yesterday, and a pal and I needed to find somewhere for a coffee near Oxford Road.

Happily, somebody suggested what turned out to be the absolutely brilliant Cafe at the Museum, which was just across the road. It was not yet 0930 when we arrived and so it was quiet, but it was immediately obvious that I was going to have to make an exception to my ‘no breakfast’ habit!

Lots of things on the menu tempted me, but in the end I went for my choice of three of the astoundingly yummy-looking homemade salads they had on offer, all ready for lunch. They were just as good as they looked. My pal had what he said was a fantastic bacon sandwich — you can see from the pic below the lovely sourdough bread it arrived on. The coffee was delicious too, and the staff were friendly and helpful. There was great cake as well, but I confined myself to a photo on that front. It was truly the most delicious and happy-making experience I’ve had in a cafe/restaurant for quite a long time!

We nipped back over later in the morning for further coffee, and weren’t surprised to find people queueing for lunch. I even spotted a pigeon on the way out eating a bagel!

Very highly recommended! If you’re in Manchester then it’s definitely worth a detour.



2 Responses to The Cafe at the Museum in Manchester

  1. I’m very impressed that you managed to eat that without a knife.

    I think it’s definitely my kind of place, but before committing I’d like you to go back and report on the cake.


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