What a gorgeous morning!

Toadstool garlic

Because I was working on Saturday I have today off, and for once the Weather Gods have smiled on me and I’ve been blessed with a truly lovely day.

I was planning to spend a fair proportion of the day in my PJs, watching television, but when I woke to golden sunshine and crisply freezing air wafting in through the attic window I couldn’t stay in bed, and Piglet made it clear that she couldn’t stay in the house.

We therefore went for a brisk trot around some local fields, and on the way back I stopped to gather a bag of wild garlic. I’m planning to make soup later. I haven’t got a recipe yet, but I’m thinking wild garlic, potatoes and mushrooms. Yumsy yum!

Piglet has now gone out with her beloved dogly walker, Sonja, for her second walk, and is hoping to see her bezzy mate Poppy. Catty is installed on a bin in the yard soaking up sunshine, and I’m going to try out a new bread recipe from James Morton’s Brilliant Bread book: crusty rolls.

Life is good today 🙂 TTFN.

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