Wow – Ciabatta!

Wow! I’ve been meaning to have a go at ciabatta for a long time, but it seemed so complicated (it’s a very wet dough) that I kept finding something less complicated to do instead.

Today I decided to bite the bullet, though, and I’m very chuffed with how it’s come out!

This was a ‘fast ciabatta‘ recipe that I didn’t even start until late morning. I totally messed it up right from the start by adding far too much water, but I tried to salvage things by adding more flour until it looked as though the dough might eventually be able to form a ball around the Kenwood dough hook. That approach isn’t ideal, as it throws out the proportions (of flour to salt and yeast) but ho hum… It seemed a shame not to keep trying, and eventually it did come together.

I left the dough to rise while I went off to choir, and for about an hour more on my return while I took Piglet out. Then I more-or-less poured it out onto the kitchen table, divvied it up into sort-of rectangles and let it rise again for another hour. After that it went into the oven for 20 mins and at the end I had a pile of lovely-looking little ciabattas! Awesome 🙂

It tastes pretty good and has lots of uneven holes, as it should. I’ve no doubt that it can be better, but I’m amazed that it came out as well as it did in all the circumstances.

After a modicum of cooling I converted two into mozzarella and tomato rolls, and very scrumptious they were. I’m definitely planning to make this again, and will try to get the water right next time 🙂

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