Kudos to Mapyx (Quo)

Mappyx Quo

I’ve had so many different PC-based mapping systems over the years that I must have bought the entire OS calendar several times over, and therefore I was reluctant to do so again when installing a mapping system on my new Win10 desktop over the Christmas holidays.

My most recent purchase (other than Viewranger, which I use on my iPhone) was Quo, which I’ve had since 2009. I found it a bit unwieldy when I first began to use it, but then I could say that of each of the systems I’ve used. When I put in a bit of time to get my head around it I began to really like it.

Prior to last Christmas I’d not used it in anger for quite a long time, and my spirit quailed a little at the idea of trying to extract the data from the old PC and somehow transfer it to the new one.



I dug around on the Mapyx website, though, and found instructions, and duly carried them out.

Despite my efforts, I couldn’t quite work out how to get all of my old map data loaded. I knew I’d bought the 1:25k Lakes at some point, but no amount of scrolling could get it to come up. I emailed Mapyx and they replied as soon as the holiday was over, confirming that they’d now merged my two accounts under what’s now my email address and sending download links for all the old data.

By that time, though, the Christmas holidays were over, and I’d moved on mentally to new things. It wasn’t until last week, in the hope that I’d be able to get out and do some interesting walks over the Easter holiday, that I took another look in my Inbox and ran all the installation files.

I still couldn’t get the 1:25s up and running, but extensive past PC-trauma-related experience had taught me to suspect User Error, and indeed so it turned out to be. I’ve just come off the phone from Mapyx, and in the space of less than 60 seconds they had my Lakes 1:25s up and running again. I’d simply forgotten to load them. Doh… They also happily rang me back to solve the problem, as calls to their number from my phone cost almost 10p per minute.

Unfortunately it’s still foul outside–not only very wet but also bloody freezing, which always feels like cheating to me–so Piglet and I won’t be embarking on any ambitious project today. I think, though, that I might just nip over to the Mapyx site and purchase some nice 1:25k Yorkshire Dales tiles to go with my existing collection, as I’m nurturing a ‘Three Peaks’ plan but without an indication of where the walls lie I’m always hovering on the brink of lost…


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