Wet walk from home


The crappy weather is very frustrating, but Piglet and I went out for a bit of a walk this afternoon.

We’d hoped to get up onto the moor, but as we climbed the road towards it a hail shower began, and by the time at which we had to decide whether to climb to the moor or descend through woods and fields there was no obvious sign that the weather was going to clear.

We therefore took the easier and shorter option–we were caught out in freezing rain earlier this week, and neither of us was keen to repeat the experience unnecessarily. Soon afterwards, though, things did begin to clear a little, and then the sun came out.

When we were almost back at the village it began to look as though the rain had passed, and we ran into friends. We then spent a happy hour in a pal’s garden in bright sunshine catching up on news over coffee before strolling home to light the fire and think about settling down for the evening.

These holiday things are hard work 🙂


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