Super-kewl things

21 February, 2016

I love that tune! Boogie-funk! Only just realised what it’s called. Have to get it into the timeline thingy 🙂

I also love ‘Master and Commander‘, which I spotted on the TV this evening. It’s currently on pause, although I must have watched it 20+ times. Wonderful! Starring the super-sexy Russell Crowe and Colin Ibbotson Paul Bettany.

Heh… Colin knows what I mean 🙂



Beaches — Great Tune!

21 February, 2016

About 30+ years ago I switched on the television one afternoon and found that Beaches, with Bette Midler, was playing. I’d prolly have ignored it had this great tune not come on, but I stopped to watch and really enjoyed it.

This evening I switched on the television and — lo and behold — there was the same fiLm! IMO this is still a great tune, very well sung 🙂

Jane Eyre film – Dreadful! :(

22 November, 2011

I watched the new adaptation of Jane Eyre this afternoon: directed by Cary Fukunaga and starring Mia Wasikowska as Jane, and Michael Fassbender as Rochester.

Jane Eyre has long shared top honours in my list of all-time favourite books, but I’ve seen and heard the beginnings of so many disappointing audio and video adaptations over the course of the 36 years since I first read it that I don’t normally even dip into them any more. I thought I’d give this one a try, though, because Andrew Davies did such a fantastic job with Pride & Prejudice (the Colin Firth version) that I know these things can be done well, and it would be such a thrill to see my fave book brought magically to life on the screen.

Anyway, and IMO… it’s absolutely DREADFUL! I don’t know what sort of reviews it’s had–I’ll have a look when I’ve written this–but I found it entirely devoid of even the slightest spark of passion. The music was gloomy and downbeat and positively depressing, and the whole thing sounded more like a recitation spoken in grey monotone than an attempt on the part of any of the actors to inhabit the characters drawn so vividly by Charlotte Bronte.

Most of the important plot events were present, but it felt to me as though they’d simply been strung together by somebody ticking off a list, without any attempt to develop the characters, illustrate their thoughts and feelings or–ultimately–to show how or why Jane and Rochester fell in love. Love develops gradually, on a foundation of shared experiences. It doesn’t spring up in a vacuum! This, on the other hand, felt like a sprint from first meeting to proposal, closely followed by dashed hopes and, finally, reconciliation–Phew!!!–and all the while the characters slouched around with grim expressions looking as though they’d not experienced a moment of happiness in their lives.

Had I not read the book I’d have had not one iota of interest in or sympathy for the characters, and I’d certainly have been left wondering why on earth people have loved this story since it was first published more than 150 years ago.

Can it really be impossible to bring Jane Eyre properly to life on the screen? I live in hope that Andrew Davies might still take a stab at it, but time seems to be ticking away 😦

The North Face — Brilliant!

8 February, 2010

Wow… anybody who hasn’t seen this should run out *immediately* to buy it, and then lock themselves into a room at home, banish everybody else, turn the heating up and the lights off and settle back to experience it.

Inevitably there’s a degree of poetic licence involved, but the photography is simply stunning–in a completely different league to that of the film version of Touching the Void, IMO (I found that film quite disappointing, after the book)–and the sense of mounting tension created by the film makers is something that I don’t remember ever experiencing before in front of a television screen, or at the cinema.

10/10! Many thanks indeed to Mary and HMP3 for giving me the DVD ♥