Settling in

17 November, 2011

Butter and bread-warming alcove

Back in the day, my wee cottage would have had what today I’d regard as an uber-sophisticated oveny/firey thing in the sitting room. Sometime in the last 100 years or so they were regarded as old and difficult and awkward to clean, and so it’s been removed. Sigh…

Still, today I’ve begun to take steps to make the best that I can out of what currently exists in the chimney breast, which is a cute little wood and coal burning stove with a stone fireplace. I’ve been making bread for a few weeks, but the house has been so cold that the dough has been taking many hours to rise. I know a slow rise produces a better taste but hey… I’m impatient!

Today I lit the stove for the first time myself, and I was so delighted with the results that I’ve ordered a coal bunker and 5 bags of coal, and they’re due to be delivered tomorrow. Today I’ve been using logs. In the meantime I’ve made a little platform for the bowl in which I let my dough rise and the pan in which the loaves prove, and (now that the loaves are in the oven) it occurred to me that this might be a perfect place to keep my butter dish, since attempting to spread the butter on my bread has been more than a challenge, chilled, as it’s been, to near freezing point.

Scrummy loaf!


Slug trails on the carpet…

25 June, 2011

A slug where it belongs

Eep! This morning there’s an intricate tracery of little slug trails all over the freshly-hoovered carpet downstairs. I suppose they’ve been in every night, but I didn’t see them until this morning as it was only last night that I finally removed all the boxes.

I must hoover the trails up before my sister arrives. I see that the slug made its way right to the couch where my sister is going to be sleeping tonight…

*wee shudder*

I’ll have to find a way to block them out. Any suggestions for a non-violent solution, peeps?