Phil’s Outdoor Stereotype 2: The Traditionalist

31 August, 2011

Phil’s second brilliant caricature is now up. Run to see it here!


Phil Lambert’s Brilliant ‘Outdoor Stereotypes’

23 August, 2011


I’m not sure how many people read Phil Lambert’s excellent Doodlecat blog, but it’s always one of the first places I check when I go to Google Reader.

Anyway, it turns out that old Phil has been hiding a major talent under a bushel–it seems that in addition to his considerable writing abilities he’s a very accomplished and witty artist.

At a loss to know how to pass his late summer evenings in darkest Suffolk, Phil has recently dug out and dusted off his painting kit, and has embarked upon a series of witty caricatures of We Walking Types.

The first–The Octogenarian–is now adorning his blog here. Run there and enjoy it! I already knew Phil was a talented sort of bloke, but even so I was blown away when I saw what he had done. We should have them monthly in TGO, I reckon.