The artist at work

18 January, 2011

Andy with his new tripod

Followers of Andy Howell’s excellent blog may have noticed him post a series of scrummy piccies of Snowdonia recently. This one, for instance. The above is a respectful tribute to the artist at work *g*

What a day…

2 June, 2010

My sister and I took Daddy out for lunch. Things started well, but ended badly.

Afterwards, Piglet suggested a walk on the beach, and what a good idea that was. It was as lovely an evening as I remember enjoying down there.

Chally pics

29 May, 2010

Caburn crossing the Derry Burn

I’ve put a bunch of Chally pics up on Smugmug: here. If you take a look then I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Piglet at the stripper’s

19 March, 2010

Wee Piggle and I drove over to Arnside yesterday so that ace dog groomer, Hilary Gilpin, could strip Piggle’s coat.

It’s been amazingly long for ages now, but I thought it best to leave the stripping until now because the winter has been so cold. Hilary pionted out, though, that Piggle’s coat won’t have been keeping her either warm or dry for quite some time, because when it’s as long as that it simply splits along the back, and forms into little ringletty things (Piglet calls it her Rastafurian look), so that wind and rain get straight through. Doh… I’ll know for next time.

Hilary did a great job. Piglet has only a rather sparse undercoat–Hilary said that’s probably because she’s a blue and tan (as opposed to red or grizzle), as for some reason it takes longer for undercoats to develop on little blues, and Piglet’s still only 16 months old (today, in fact!) In a couple of weeks, though, it’ll have grown through and she’ll look lovely.

It was great to see my wee puppy emerge again from under all that fur, and to have confirmation that I’ve not been over-feeding her. She looks pretty skinny to me now, but Hilary (who also breeds, shows and judges Borders, so knows what she’s talking about) said there was “more than enough of her”.

Anyway, here are the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. Amazing, eh! As ever, click on the smaller pics for larger versions.

Some tidied up phone pics — various walks

31 January, 2010

I’ve finally got round to transferring the pics from my phone to my computer, and saving the ones I liked.

I’ve tidied them up a bit in PSP. Here’s a selection of the ones I liked best, including some clearer pics of the monster conger we met on the beach this morning.

Hmmm… if it’s not one thing it’s another! I’ve noticed that for some reason WordPress doesn’t seem to have recognised them all. It’s made a gallery, but it doesn’t appear to be working properly. I’ll post it and then have a fiddle. Ho hum…

Huge fish!

31 January, 2010

P’s barking alerted me to the presence of a huge fish–3 feet long, or more–at the edge of the water.

The waves were turning it in the sandy surf, and although it was clearly stricken I wasn’t sure that it was dead until the waves spun it once again, and I saw that one large, baleful eye was missing.

P refused to approach it. She’s become a bit of a scaredy dog recently, possibly as a result of having been attacked down here a month or so ago.

Morning on the beach

31 January, 2010

So here we are again, adhering to our new ‘early walk’ plan

The sea is rushing in. P exhilarated.

What a great idea! Hobnailed trail shoes…

13 January, 2010

Kate's blog

I love Kate’s running (and cake) blog, and when I browsed over there via Google Reader this morning I found this brilliant idea: Hobnail Crutches! Kate has screwed tiny um… screws! into the soles of her running shoes, to help with traction in this icy weather. They’re short enough not to poke through and hurt her crubeens, which is good news since she’s already recovering from a duff leg. Whizz over and take a scan, peeps.

Gibson and Lynne's blog

I also love Gibson and Lynne’s new blog, Afoot in the Hills. Not only is there lots of interesting stuff to read, but there’s also a fantastic selection of photographs. Truly exciting piccies that make my tummy turn over and my toes tingle with the desire to get out and do something. The whole page is a model of under-stated elegance. Methinks I need a re-design…

Finished uploading Dales pictures to Smugmug

10 January, 2010

Piggly en route to Clapham

All my pics are now on Smugmug.

Videos next…

Dales pics — started uploading them

9 January, 2010

Mummy feeds Piggly

I’ve put about half of my Dales pics up on Smugmug, here. I hope to finish them tomorrow, but anybody who’d like to take a scan now is very welcome to do so.