What a great idea! Hobnailed trail shoes…

13 January, 2010

Kate's blog

I love Kate’s running (and cake) blog, and when I browsed over there via Google Reader this morning I found this brilliant idea: Hobnail Crutches! Kate has screwed tiny um… screws! into the soles of her running shoes, to help with traction in this icy weather. They’re short enough not to poke through and hurt her crubeens, which is good news since she’s already recovering from a duff leg. Whizz over and take a scan, peeps.

Gibson and Lynne's blog

I also love Gibson and Lynne’s new blog, Afoot in the Hills. Not only is there lots of interesting stuff to read, but there’s also a fantastic selection of photographs. Truly exciting piccies that make my tummy turn over and my toes tingle with the desire to get out and do something. The whole page is a model of under-stated elegance. Methinks I need a re-design…


Finished uploading Dales pictures to Smugmug

10 January, 2010

Piggly en route to Clapham

All my pics are now on Smugmug.

Videos next…

Dales pics — started uploading them

9 January, 2010

Mummy feeds Piggly

I’ve put about half of my Dales pics up on Smugmug, here. I hope to finish them tomorrow, but anybody who’d like to take a scan now is very welcome to do so.

Yesterday’s walk — woods and Woods

21 December, 2009

Tim, Piglet and Kate

Piggly and I went for a brief trot around the woods yesterday, on the way back from Waitrose.

The woods were rather dismal. They’d been snowy earlier in the day, but the sleet had turned to rain and washed all the wintery beauty away.

In the woods

Heading towards the sand hills

A glum scene

Decorated tree

Each year somebody festooons this tree with baubles and cones, but the wind had blown quite a lot of them to the ground.

Piggly launches herself after a rabbit

Dogs aren’t allowed in this bit, and people are only supposed to enter with (readily available) permits, but since there’s no good reason for the ban I ignore it. Bloody dictators, trying to tell me where to walk… *g*

Into the woods again

Illegal walking

On the way home we stopped at Tim and Kate’s, to drop off Christmas goodies and to say a last “Hello” before they leave for Christmas. Kate and Tim spoil Piglet and me, and we both love dropping in. Piglet grows quite hysterical with excitement in the back of the car as I fasten her lead to her collar to walk her over to the house *g*

Tim’s a keen photographer, and he spent quite a lot of time trying to get a good piccy of Piglet to enter in the local show next year. Piglet’s almost as bad a photographic subject as me, though, and she refused to sit still and smile winningly.

Tim trying to get a good piccy of Piglet

Trying a different angle

Piglet consents to sit still for a moment

Tim, Kate and I had a glass of wine to celebrate my birthday, and Piglet had a glass of Ribena. They sent me home with the rest of the bottle. (The wine, that is: not the Ribena.) Yum!

Upon our return to Chez Peewiglet I fed the monsters and then myself.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed in the tub of Waitrose pepper sauce I’d bought earlier. I spotted it on a shelf and thought it would be yummy, because most Waitrose food does seem to be, but sadly it wasn’t. It had a very disappointing taste and a markedly synthetic texture, and there was very little evidence of the cream and brandy it was meant to contain. There weren’t a lot of peppercorns either, for that matter. I should have made some myself, since it’s so extremely easy to make a yummy one. Not to worry, though. I’ll make my own tonight.

Quick update — cars, cooks, celebrities and rain

23 November, 2009

I’m still mired in car-related chaos, here, but I hope to be finally getting it sorted out either today or tomorrow. I’ve settled on a Skoda Fabia Estate, subject only to the fates performing a further backflip and turning my plans around once again. Now, I hope, it’s simply a matter of choosing the actual car. Fingers crossed y’all, please, and a special mention for Mango Terrier, who knows far more about cars, and buying them, than I’d have believed possible until a week ago.

What is it with the contestants on Come Dine With Me, I wonder? I can’t understand why so many people who choose to enter a dinner party hosting competition appear to be averse to eating/trying such a wide range of foods!

Catching up with a few episodes via the wonderful TV on Demand yesterday, I saw great swathes of people who didn’t like/wouldn’t eat/had never heard of/were unwilling to taste bog-standard varieties of fish, cheese, chocolate and meat. One bloke made what looked like an absolutely scrumptious fish stew, only to find that one of his 3 guests simply didn’t eat fish whilst another one couldn’t face fish that came in shells and “…looks like this!” she said, dragging a snarl onto her face and arranging her arms into a pointy, aggressive-looking attitude in front of her eyes. It turned out that she was referring to the langoustines. After that she folded her arms and went to sleep on the table, though she was eventually able to rouse herself for a bit of chocolate pudding. In another episode, a woman was so appalled by cheese, and everthing that it involves, that she had to leave the room and watch a bit of television next door while the others tucked into a bit of cheddar. Profoundly weird, ISTM…

I dunno about you, but I’m already addicted to this year’s round of I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here! It’s the only one of the ‘reality’ TV things I watch, and it’s always a lot of fun (unless you happen to be a creepy crawlie living in the Australian rain forest, of course, in which case I’m sure it’s all a bit depressing).

The celebs that make up this year’s bunch are less immediately entertaining than the last lot, but it appears that things are finally hotting up. Last night’s drama between Kim Woodburn (a bit of a bully) and Joe Bugner (a bit of a bully, but larger) made such uncomfortable viewing that I had to watch through squinted eyes, and Piglet became upset and had to be comforted by the cat. I reckon Jimmy White’s going to come through strongly as things progress, and that American bloke, George Hamilton, seems to have a sneakily wicked sense of humour.

Speaking of food, I’d like to have said something about Raymond Blanc’s The Restaurant, but it’s so extremely odd that it seems to have left me entirely unable to comment. Well, other than to say that I was very sorry to see the two army blokes go out, and that my money’s been on the two cheery peeps from The Front Room (or The Living Room, or whatever it’s called) from the outset. There! That’s prolly the kiss of death for them, then! *g* More next week, perhaps.

Last, but certainly not least, looking at the pictures that John Hee linked to on his blog yesterday I’m relieved beyond description that Piglet and I are no longer in The Licks…

Chally writeup — finally finished!

7 November, 2009

TGO 2009 -- Click here for write-up

Phew! I’ve finally finished writing it up. Hopefully somebody will enjoy it 🙂

If you take a look and find anything broken then please do let me know, so that I can fix it ♥

Third piccy attempt

11 October, 2009

And again…