Piglet attacked

23 July, 2011

Piggle has just been attacked by another terrier 😦 We met it on the field behind my house, and Piglet ran over–tummy scraping the ground, submissively–to say hello. The other dog sniffed her, and suddenly grabbed her by the side of her face and hung on! Piglet was screaming and turning in circles to try to shake it off, but it had too good a hold for her to dislodge it.

Fortunately I remembered watching a Cesar Millan episode in which he grabbed an attacking dog by the hind legs and lifted it off the ground, so that it would have to let go. I managed to get hold of the JRT like that and lift it up, and seconds later it released Piglet.

I know these things happen with dogs, but still it was frightening. I’ve not been able to find any puncture wounds, and hopefully Piglet will be okay. I’m sure it won’t do her anxiety around other dogs any good, though.

I bought something called a Dog Dazer a couple of days ago. It’s meant to deter aggressive dogs from attacking. I didn’t take it out with me as I was just nipping to the shops for a loaf, but I’ll be carrying it all the time in future (well, unless I find it doesn’t work, of course).

I think we need to get out now for a walk. Thank goodness it was only a small dog. Things could have been a lot worse 😦


Trip along the pier

11 April, 2011

Piggle and me on the train on the pier in the sun

Piggle and I took the little train along the pier at home, yesterday, with some pals. We enjoyed the journey very much.

On the way back, Piglet met a dog who told her a story about an experience he’d had out walking in the hills a week or so ago.

Three Men on a Hike

Three men were hiking through a forest when they came upon a large raging, violent river. Needing to get to the other side, the first man prayed: “God, please give me the strength to cross the river.”

Poof! .. God gave him big arms and strong legs, and he was able to swim across in about 2 hours, having almost drowned twice.

After witnessing that, the second man prayed: “God, please give me strength and the tools to cross the river.”

Poof! .. God gave him a rowboat and strong arms and strong legs, and he was able to row across in about an hour after almost capsizing once.

Seeing what happened to the first two men, the third man prayed: “God, please give me the strength, the tools and the intelligence to cross the River.”

And poof! He was turned into a woman. She checked the map, walked one hundred yards up-stream and walked across the bridge.



Happy, happy day :-)

30 March, 2011

Oh, happy, happy day! After such a long succession of miserable-making events, it’s really lovely to have a few good things happen for a change!

First, it looks like things might be looking up on the house-selling front, in which case I might finally be free of this blasted albatross and be able to get on with the rest of my life in a place where I’d like to live it. Yorkshire Dales–here (I hope) we come! I’ve recently de-cluttered my house and painted it magnolia–just as the TV programmes advise–and it appears to be working. Last week’s viewers (the first since I put it back up on the market) are in active email correspondence with my Estate Agent, and today’s have arranged a second viewing for the day after tomorrow. Whoohooo!

Secondly, my sister viewed a flat today and loved it; so hopefully in a month from now she can be rid of the noisy b*stards who’ve been making her life a misery for the last 6 months, since they decided to live their lives back-to-front and spend the whole night partying in the kitchen.

Thirdly, I’ve had an apology from the solicitor representing the LA within whose confines my father is unfortunate enough to reside, explaining why he hadn’t bothered to respond to my correspondence and confirming that a copy of my Lasting Power of Attorney has now been placed on my father’s file. (It’s amazing what a complaint to the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority can do…)

Also, Piglet is finally coming round from the traumas that she suffered at the groomer’s last week, and has consented to lick me and have her tummy rubbed.

And I’m enjoying my new job!

There’s no significance at all in the words of the accompanying song, BTW: I just really like the tune 🙂 Here’s where I first came across it *g*

I has not been stripped. Heh…

27 March, 2011

I has been stripped…

26 March, 2011


24 March, 2011

Piggle and I are now home; safely, thank goodness.

We had very sad news this afternoon. My very good friend Dee texted to say that she was awaiting the vet to put her darling Blink, a Cairn Terrier, to sleep. Blink was a friend of Piglet, and Piggle spent several happy weeks at Dee and John’s place with Blink and Buster, while I was away doing the Challenge; living the good life with other dogs to play with 24/7. Blink was always in charge, and kept both Piglet and Buster in their places at all times. She had a long and supremely happy life once Dee and John rescued her from the terrible place where she was born (and where she lost an eye–hence her name).

I wept to hear the news, and my heart goes out to Dee and John this evening. RIP little Blink.

There was bad news for me, too, after Piglet’s stripping, although not of the same magnitude. Piggly has put on quite a lot of weight since she was spayed about a year ago, and I’m going to have to establish her on a strict diet. She also hates having her claws clipped, and I was truly shocked to see how long they’ve become. I felt quite ashamed. She looked to me like a neglected dog, although she isn’t 😦

So! She and I are off now for a 45 minute trot around the pavements. I think a lot of the problem with Piglet’s claws is that she doesn’t get any road walking–it’s all on the beach and in the woods and sandhills, and that doesn’t wear her claws down. Starting this evening we’ll be doing 45 minutes on pavements every day, and I’ll be making sure she gets a good run on the beach in the afternoon.

Wow! Thick snow here — Piglet goes cracker dog!

17 December, 2010

Piglet in the snowy garden

Well we’ve had a bit of a sprinkling over the last couple of weeks, but no more than that. This evening, though, inches of thick, white snow have fallen in the course of just the last 90 minutes!

We don’t tend to get a lot of snow here, so children are out celebrating and small dogs are racing madly around gardens, kicking up clouds in the snowy grass and trying to catch snow flakes in their hot, pink mouths. Meanwhile, cats watch sniffily from the comfort of heated internal window sills, and wonder what all the fuss is about 🙂