Clive James — A Point of View

28 November, 2009

I love Clive James. He’s witty–sometimes LOL funny–and he has strong opinions in relation to subjects that I find interesting. I like the way he expresses them, and I often share his PsOV.

I listen to BBC Radio podcasts when I’m walking/running/desperately trying to keep up with the Piglet, and at the moment the series A Point of View (Radio 4) is airing a number of recordings from the exalted Clive. I’ve enjoyed them all, and this week it happens to be about cheating in sport.

Football supporters should prolly skip on now… *g*… but I enjoyed it. Click here to listen in.

(It’ll be disappearing soon: I think the BBC only keeps the podcasts up for a week from the date of first broadcast. Or something like that.)