A whinge

13 January, 2010

I applied for a job back in November. It was with a large, national employer that I’m not going to identify here, because of course I’m afraid that if they stumble across my complaint then that’ll be the end of my prospects of a job with them.

Anyway, they were advertising a job in the town where I live. I had a letter inviting me for interview, and I went along in December. I had aptitude tests and an interview, and then I filled in what felt like a hundred forms.

A couple of weeks later I received a letter telling me that I’d been succcessful. Deep joy! However, as I read on it turned out that they’d actually been conducting a recruitment ‘excercise’ across the whole county, and that I’m now on a waiting list of people qualifed to be appointed to jobs as, when and/or if they arise during the next 6 months. Heaven only knows how many other people might be on the list, and how many jobs (if any) might eventually turn out to be available.

This has really pissed me off. I need to get a job to help cover my expenses while I wait to sell my blasted house. I also need a job to get a mortgage in order to buy my next house, since this one’s now been on the market for more than 12 months, and obviously I have bills to pay. If they’d come clean and made it clear that they were simply conducting some sort of notional recruitment exercise I’d still have applied, but at least then I’d have known where I stood, and wouldn’t have imagined that by the end of January I’d be able to cover the bills without eating further into my rapidly dwindling capital.

IMO it’s cruel to draw people into this sort of process with the promise of well-paid (well, ish…) employment at the end of it, and only when they’ve jumped successfully through all the hoops tell them that there might well not be a job after all. This employer should certainly know better.

Right. Whinge over for now.



11 January, 2010

I have a streaming cold.

Can’t imagine how that can have happened…

*goes off to find fresh hankies*

Yippee!!! Thank you, Gayle :-)

8 January, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you to multi-talented Gayle, who’s solved my boiler problem!

It’s not yet entirely clear what caused the problem, but talking it through with Gayle on the phone helped me to ID the switch on the wall… I turned the boiler off, and then turned it on again, and after that the water became hot!

Gayle is lucky not to be here, because if she was I’d be swinging her round the room and covering her in happy kisses ♥ So would Piglet and Puss-Puss, who were beginning to look decidedly blue.

I’m off for a lovely soak in the bath, now, while I bake a huge potato, and then I’m going to watch the magificent Horizon’s The Secret Life of the Dog, which was recommended to me as brilliant by a woman I met on the Ingleton to Lancaster bus this morning. The woman loved Piggly (who crawled onto her knee from mine, wee ungrateful monster!), and she said that she’s going to look them up on the internet tonight (Border Terriers, that is) with a view to getting one.

Whooohoooo! Thank you, Gayle!!! ♥ And thank you again to all the rest of you who made helpful suggestions. Y’all are absolutely the best! ♥ ♥ ♥

p.s. Oh… and to anybody who found it confusing that the electric shower didn’t produce any hot water… it turns out that it’s not an electric shower after all. Doh… Thanks again to Gayle for info! *g*

30 minutes to Christmas dinner…

26 December, 2009

Yes, we’re having it on Boxing Day, as we went to see Daddy y/day and weren’t sure what time we’d be home.

Didn’t get the sausages/bacon things done, and only remembered the roast parsnips at the last moment. One of the 3 of us is a total veggie and has to have roast potatoes in groundnut oil, rather than goose fat, and one of the others had a heart thing years ago and objects to even the merest smear of butter. FFS… but I shall soon be piggling out in a buttery, turkeyish feast 🙂

Here’s Sting doing Gabriel’s Message (his version of The Angel Gabriel, my favourite carol), which was on the same album as the Alison Moyet thing I linked to y/day. I love this!

Happy Christmas, y’all!

25 December, 2009

Click for a bigger version

Happy Christmas, all of y’all out there, and very best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful New Year ♥ ♥ ♥

Even more snow overnight!

22 December, 2009


It seems that all the snow we haven’t had here over the course of the last 10 years or so has finally fallen in the last few days. There’s been another significant load overnight. It’s still nothing like as thick as in many other parts of the country, but for here it’s very unusual indeed.

I’ll have to go into town, later, to do my Christmas shopping, and make a visit to the organic farm shop for my veggies. Hopefully I’ll get back in one piece, despite the fact that the roads don’t appear to have been gritted.

More snow!

21 December, 2009

Snowy Southport

Ooh! Here’s the view that met me upon waking this morning. We don’t normally get this kind of snow here.

View from my bedroom window

Piglet refused to go out for a poo and a pee initially, and sneaked into one of the downstairs rooms instead. Fortunately I spotted her, though, and found her looking extremely guilty. Realising she’d been caught almost in the act she padded back out to the kitchen and into the garden, to do the business.

View to the front

Piss-Piss, on the other hand, was delighted with the snow, and shot off to play in it, skating along the paving stones like a little whirling dervish as she went.

Snowy garden

Piss-Piss tries to scrape a hole

Later today, Piglet and I wiill go and see what we can find in the woods.

===============# (<— Piss-Piss wrote that bit: she's back in the house now)