Environmentalists — Bad For the Planet?

28 January, 2010

For those not quite sure what to make of the melee that calls itself the environmental debate–and maybe even for those who reckon they have it sussed–there was a very interesting edition of Analysis on Radio 4 this week. Here’s the blurb.

Mon, 25 Jan 10

Duration: 29 mins

The BBC’s Ethical Man Justin Rowlatt asks if environmentalists are bad for the planet. Are they being distracted from the urgent task of tackling climate change by a more radical agenda for changing society?

Clive James has touched upon aspects of this debate a couple of times recently, in (Radio 4 again) A Point of View. See Climate Change — A Story Too Often Told the Same Way and In Praise of Scepticism. The podcasts of his broadcasts are no longer available, but I think I may still have them on my HD. (Read: I have them. If you’d like to hear them then email me.)

I’m not yet sure what to make of the debate, not having paid sufficient attention and not having a scientific background. I do believe that the stifling of discussion is not generally A Good Thing, though, so I’m concerned to hear people who are clearly better informed than me, and appear to lack an ulterior motive, expressing doubt about the way in which reality is being represented.

Anyway, dash across and listen to Analysis (or download the podcast) here, if interested. Radio 4 podcasts are only available for a week, so best make haste if you’d like to hear it.