Chally Vid — the Cheese & Wine, and other drunken occasions :)

15 June, 2010

I recorded some podcasts for Bob as I bimbled across Scotland on the Challenge, but I’m fairly sure that the recording I made at Alan and Phil’s second cheese & wine won’t make the cut and so I thought I’d do something with it myself, since it was such a fabulous evening, and I’ll never forget it.

Many thanks to all of you cheese & winers for a wonderful time, as well as to all the rest of the people I met on the various drunken adventures that occurred in the second half of my 2010 Challenge ♥ ♥ ♥

For a larger and better quality version, btw, take a look at it on Facebook here.

George has videos!

2 June, 2010

George's video evidence...

Ooh! More catching up has revealed video evidence, on George’s Londonbackpacker blog, of the last dance at the Moorfield Hotel in Braemar on the middle Saturday of the Challenge.

What fun it was! Thanks, George, for preserving the moment ♥

Challenge MP3 music — a wee fragment of it

30 May, 2010

Now that I have my darling Piglet home (she sends lix, btw) I’m spending a happy afternoon trawling YouTube for some of the things that helped me run up the steep, steep hillies and get through the long, cold nights.

Here are a few of them: some of the ones that accompany me on every walk. Happy memories!

There are lots more but I’m sure that’s enough for now.

Well, almost. Here’s my favourite ever walking song. This has been the accompaniment to many a secret boogie on a high hill, far away 🙂

Chally pics

29 May, 2010

Caburn crossing the Derry Burn

I’ve put a bunch of Chally pics up on Smugmug: here. If you take a look then I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Home again!

28 May, 2010

Breakfast at the wonderful Hungry Highlander

I’m home at last. What a long train journey it was!

I’ve walked about 212 miles, but haven’t yet attempted to work out the ascents and all that stuff. It was great fun. The washing’s in the machine, the tent is drying in the garden, the cat has been fed and tomorrow I’ll go and collect wee Piglet. How fast it all went.

Almost finished

12 May, 2010

2146: Wednesday night

Not a lot left to do, now.

1. Cascadas arrived.

2. Have arranged to have Recolites sent to Oban. Major kudos to the mind-bogglingly helpful young woman at Run For It in Glasgow!

3. Rucksack almost packed.

4. Tent dry enough.

5. Charging phone batteries now.

6. Boxes sent.

7. Jacket and smock drying downstairs, post reproofing.

8. Most of the train tickets packed. Still haven’t decided whether to shell out £12+ extra for train from here to Preston, or whether to take the coach. Tim and Kate will be on the train.

Still have to:

1. Finish packing train tickets.

2. Tidy the house, which looks like a bomb site.

3. Have dinner.

4. Make sandwiches for tomorrow.

5. Sleep!

6. Make the mic cover. Ugh.

I may make the sandwiches now, and cook dinner, and then go to bed. Get up early for a tidy round. This is comparatively organised for me…

The good news is that Daddy’s even *better* in his new place now than he was a couple of days ago. When my sister and I visited today he’d been down to eat with the others (!) and was sitting in a lounge chatting with them!!! He said to us, “I think we’ll keep this place.” 🙂 Less than a week ago I simply wouldn’t have believed it possible. Whoohoooooo!


12 May, 2010

Have woken to an email from telling me that they’ve only just packed the order I put in on Sunday, so my Recolites won’t be arriving in time for the Challenge. That’s a blow. When I’ve bought stuff from them in the past it’s always come the next day.

This highlights a problem with couriers. I’d happily have paid extra for ‘next day’ delivery but I couldn’t because for that Wiggle use a courier. I have to wait in for a courier because if I miss them I have to make a 60+ mile round trip to collect the things, whereas if I miss the Royal Mail (or whatever they’re now called) the depot is only 10 minutes away by car. I therefore don’t buy things from people who use couriers. Since Wiggle have always been excellent on delivery in the past, and their standard delivery method is Royal Mail First Class, I took a chance, but it didn’t cross my mind that they wouldn’t even *pack* it until Wednesday! Sigh…

May look for some in Glasgow and send the Wiggle ones back when I get home.

So much to do today, but I’d rather stay in bed. I’m tired.

Stuff done: 2

11 May, 2010

8pm Tuesday evening.

1. Piglet delivered. She ran screaming with joy towards her Mummy 2, and disappeared into the house without a backwards glance at me. Unnatural little wretch…

2. Maps have come.

3. Waypoints loaded onto the GPS.

4. Books loaded onto the MP3 player.

5. Clothes in the washing machine.

6. Second dehydrated meal still drying. First now bagged.

I reckon I’m getting there 🙂 I’m going to have Happy Beef Burgers for dinner, and catch up with Great British Menus. Bliss!

Stuff done: 1

11 May, 2010

1. Camera case has arrived.

2. Paramo have promised to send my Cascadas by Special Delivery this evening for delivery tomorrow.

3. Have bought 4 books from (i) Lion’s Head, Four Happiness; (ii) A Short Walk From Harrods; (iii) Stirred But Not Shaken, and (iv) Father Joe.

4. Have realised my train isn’t going from Southport, but I’m expected to get a coach to Preston! Bugger…. wondering whether to buy ticket from S/p to Preston, now, or just put up with it. Will ring Tim and Kate and see what their tickets say.

5. Must leave for B/ham in about 30 mins. Would therefore be a good idea to get into the shower.

6. The dehydrator still doesn’t seem to be putting out the usual volume of hot air, but at least the mixture has begun to dry out. Phew!

7. Got GPS going with the PC, finally, and updated the firmware to get round the year problem that Gibson alerted me to. Phew! Will do the waypoints later.


GAS Attack – Update

5 May, 2010

Kahtoola MICROspikes

My GAS attack of a week or so ago has resolved into a number of exciting purchases. Whoohoo!

Yesterday I ordered the Micro Spikes and the Inov8 Debris Gaiters, and also a couple of pairs of Bridgedale Coolmax liner socks.

Today I’ve ordered 3 sheets of a product called Paraflexx, which I saw recommended by Andy Howell over on his blog in one of his enormously helpful and interesting posts about dehydrating. Paraflexx is a microporous sheet used for dehydrating “wet, moist or gooey” food which would otherwise drip through the holes in the dehydrator tray. I’ve used baking parchment and the cunning collapsible plates sold by Bob and Rose in the past to try to get round the drip problem, but TBH I’ve not found either of them to be an ideal solution. This Paraflexx is made for the job, and Andy says it works well, so I’m crossing my crubeens and planning some fruit and tomato leathers (thanks again, Andy!) to go with the scrummy meat and root vegetable stew currently simmering away on the stove downstairs.

Now all I *definitely* need is a pair of Terrocs, but it’s looking as though I’m going to have to drive up to Kendal in order to be able to try them on, as I don’t know what size I need. The women’s Terroc 308 version may actually turn out to be too narrow for me–I have fairly wide lower crubeens–in which case I’ll go with the classic Terroc 330s.

Hmmm… I’ve just remembered that I’ve not got the merino wool liner gloves yet, either. I can’t easily order them online because I often find that ‘small’ gloves are too large for me. Hopefully I can get some when I go up to the Lakes to buy the shoes.

Kudos to The Outdoor Warehouse in Windermere, btw. I ordered the Micro Spikes and Debris Gaiters from them early yesterday afternoon, and they arrived with the postman this morning. Impressive!