Almost finished

12 May, 2010

2146: Wednesday night

Not a lot left to do, now.

1. Cascadas arrived.

2. Have arranged to have Recolites sent to Oban. Major kudos to the mind-bogglingly helpful young woman at Run For It in Glasgow!

3. Rucksack almost packed.

4. Tent dry enough.

5. Charging phone batteries now.

6. Boxes sent.

7. Jacket and smock drying downstairs, post reproofing.

8. Most of the train tickets packed. Still haven’t decided whether to shell out £12+ extra for train from here to Preston, or whether to take the coach. Tim and Kate will be on the train.

Still have to:

1. Finish packing train tickets.

2. Tidy the house, which looks like a bomb site.

3. Have dinner.

4. Make sandwiches for tomorrow.

5. Sleep!

6. Make the mic cover. Ugh.

I may make the sandwiches now, and cook dinner, and then go to bed. Get up early for a tidy round. This is comparatively organised for me…

The good news is that Daddy’s even *better* in his new place now than he was a couple of days ago. When my sister and I visited today he’d been down to eat with the others (!) and was sitting in a lounge chatting with them!!! He said to us, “I think we’ll keep this place.” 🙂 Less than a week ago I simply wouldn’t have believed it possible. Whoohoooooo!