Going well

22 October, 2009

We had quite An exciting day yesterday. Forecast grim so we aimed 4 Tarn Crag above Easedale and planned 2 take it from there.

A steep haul got us up and then we dropped down to Codale Tarn. From there we went up towards Sergeant Man but soon walked into the clag. Visibility was almost nil and I needed the GPS to confirm we’d arrived. I was in 2 minds about continuing to High Raise because I could hardly see the hand in front of my face and battery on the phone was dead‚ so no GPS. Eventually we went on‚ but there eere some anxious moments until eventually the trig point loomed up in the mist.

Rview of map suggested best way down was 2 retrace our steps. Very slippery underfoot: almos fell several times. Got down in end though and popped 2 Rd Lion 4 celebratory drink.

I got P a can of sardines 2 go with her kibble. She was tired but it’s hard 2 judge her energy levels at times‚ so we”l have a shorter day today.

beautiful morning. PHD have come up trumps and are delivering replacement down pants today so I’ll post te other back.

MTP quite tense last night I thought. GO MARIANNE for the Final tonight!

Piccy – towards Keswick from Steel Fell

21 October, 2009

Mixed fortunes

20 October, 2009

Well, it’s been a day of mixed fortunes.

P and I started out this morning at about 10am, a bit lte But a consequence of staying in B B and waiting 4 breakfast. I’d planned about 10 Ws but our day was truncated by the need to go to Ambleside and collect my down trousers before we start camping. We therefore did 4 hills and dropped down mid afternoon.

I got the trousers and we returned by bus. P was shivering, wee lamb, so as soon as we got in I fed her and took her out 4 a poo, and then she settled down on bed with chew and TV as I went into village to meet Martin Banfield and 2 challengers. It was lovely to see them, but eventually I had 2 go to check P and watch MTPs.

I thought I’d missed most of it (!) but it turned out that I’d only missed a couple of mins. I note in psssing that Marianne played another blinder…

I eventually unpacked my down trousers, only 2 find they’re te wrong size Doh. will have


First morning

20 October, 2009

Not bad out. Have taken P for morning ablutions. Breakfast due 8.30 and then we’re off.


19 October, 2009

Lost my post!

All well. At BandB. will try again later X

Well here we are in Grasmere!

19 October, 2009

Journey over, Piglet and I aie Settled into our BtB. We’ve been for a walk by the river, and now we’re sitting in the Red Lion waiting for fish and chips. P is fascinated by all the people in the pub, while I’m Counting down the minutes until Masterchef.

on arrival in Grasmere I had to Phone a Friend because I’d forgotten the name of my B&B. Doh… We got there in the end, though, and it’s very nice. Breakfast isn’t until 8.30, which isn’t ideal, but we’ll manage.

Food has.come. It’S not brilliant but it’ll do. Tastes better than it looks.

I hope that’s the right picture! Time will tell.

Can peeps please email me at pw @ peewigletDOTcom as I forgot to bring email addiesses…

Leaving now — have fun!

19 October, 2009

Well, I’m almost ready to go.

For anyone who’d like to send an email, the address that my phone will collect is pw AT theusualaddress, rather than shirl AT theusualaddress.

I’d love to walk with anyone who’s around–I hope you can let me know on here (subject to my having reception).

Please cross everything! Piglet is already having second thoughts…