More Muzak

15 April, 2010

Erm… I’m not sure whether I’ve ever mentioned my Abba fixation….?

There was a very embarrassing occasion in Corsica when I was inspired to ‘dance’ in front of my carmera when completely pissed upon completion of the GR20. That involved Abba. Sigh.. In a self-flagellatory sort of spirit, here it is. I’m quite sure I’ll never be doing this again!

I’ve been listening to them again this evening, though, while baking some bread and dancing with Piglet and Puss-Puss around the kitchen. I really like Abba! Here’s the one that’s playing through my MP3 player while I type this.

(I liked the dark-haired bloke. I can never remember whether he was the lawyer in real life or not. I think not, though.)

(Um… now that I look at the video, they both seem to be dark-haired. When I was a youngster, though, one of them had blonde hair. I like the slightly podgier one. The bearded one. Oh f*ck! It seems they both have beards! I’m talking about the one with the really sweet smile. I think he played keyboards. Wow, that was exhausting. I hope you know which one I meant…)

(The one on the right at 0.30 and the left at 0.39. Phew…)

(On the left in what appears to be the photo that accompanies the video before it begins to play. Wearing a red jacket!)

*goes off for therapy: too confusing*