I hate to sound trite, but…

29 October, 2009

Alex Stobbs -- A Passion for Life

…if anybody feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges didn’t watch Alex: A Passion for Life then you should go and watch it now.

I can’t think how I came to miss it. I found it this evening when checking up on Cutting Edge, one of my favourite documentary series, and discovered that it had been on before I went to the Lakes. It’s the follow-up to the documentary made a couple of years ago about Alex Stobbs, a schoolboy music scholar (at the time) suffering from cystic fibrosis, but with an ambition to conduct Bach’s Magnificat. Now he’s at Cambridge, and this second documentary is about his attempt to conduct the St. Matthew Passion.

I knew it was coming up, but somehow I didn’t see any adverts for it before I went away. Fortunately it’s still available on Channel 4 on Demand, and if anything was going to put a few drizzly days on some slippery hills into context for me then this was definitely it.

It’s utterly inspiring stuff, whether you love the St. Matthew Passion or not, but if you *do* love the music (as I do) then it’s simply transporting.

I think I’ll put the chicken in the oven and go and watch it again.

Edited to add:
Listening to this wee bit of the St. Matthew Passion on the way to and from court each day helped me to win the biggest case I ever did as a lawyer, quite a long time ago now. The whole drama of the thing–all the ups and downs and nuances of cross-examination–was there in the music. Nothing beats music.