Muzicks (what else?!)

19 November, 2013

I think this is already here but I can’t find it, so I’m putting it in again, just in case. Lovely!

And here’s the Jethro Tull version. Brillzville (though I could live without the middle).

I keep wanting to add something profound to my blog, but there’s nothing better than musicz so here I am posting it again 🙂

And while I’m at it…

7 November, 2010

…prolly my favourite piece of Bach of all time ♥ (Well, until I re-stumble across the next favourite, of course…)

I can’t remember what I was doing 5 minutes ago, but here are people revelling in what J.S. Bach wrote over 250 years ago!

On electric guitar 🙂 What a blast!

Funky piano version–major boogie!!! I can’t stop listening to this 🙂


Pretty pianist piano version

Solo trumpeter–very, very fast!

A bunch of trumpeters!

On glass harp…

Et finalement, en francais 🙂

Tune — Boogie!

7 November, 2010


I love the lazy and tummy-twistingly wonderful wandering bass guitar line 🙂 I’d happily dispense with the middle, but I can live with it for the ultra-funky intro and the end.

Here’s a version closer to the way God Bach wrote it.

And here it is on guitar! (I’m just off to burn mine…)

Wow… Chris Thile playing Bach and other stuff

10 June, 2010

I was looking at some Nickel Creek vids on YouTube last night. In fact, I think I posted Sweet Afton.

Browsing a little further this morning, though, I’ve come across Chris Thile playing some Bach. He really is simply astounding with that mandolin!

Here he is playing something of his own…

…and here he is with Nickel Creek (sadly no more, it seems) doing The Fox.

And here they are doing The House of Tom Bombadil.

This one contains footage of him playing aged 8 or so. Hmmm…. I suppose this is why he can play like that and I can’t 🙂

Challenge MP3 music — a wee fragment of it

30 May, 2010

Now that I have my darling Piglet home (she sends lix, btw) I’m spending a happy afternoon trawling YouTube for some of the things that helped me run up the steep, steep hillies and get through the long, cold nights.

Here are a few of them: some of the ones that accompany me on every walk. Happy memories!

There are lots more but I’m sure that’s enough for now.

Well, almost. Here’s my favourite ever walking song. This has been the accompaniment to many a secret boogie on a high hill, far away 🙂