Trip photos: Pyrenees, Dales Way, Pennine Way & food

19 August, 2008

I’ve almost finished writing up my C2C trip now, but I’ve got hundreds of photos from trips to the Pyrenees, the Dales Way, the Pennine Way and various shorter outings that I haven’t written up.

I’m thinking that when I’ve finished the C2C I’ll put up the photos from those trips. It seems a pity to just hide them away on my hard drive, and it’ll be liberating not having to dig out my notes and write them up at the same time.

In the meantime, I’ve got a 14 day free trial of the photo site–SmugMug–where Streapadair has his amazing walking photos, so I thought I’d make a test gallery showing pictures of how to make the little pork and prawn wontons I made a couple of nights ago, for my Thai’ish soup. Click on the wonton piccy above to get to the gallery 🙂


Coast to Coast – Cringle Moor/Cold Moor to Grosmont

18 August, 2008

Only one more to go now! Day 11–Cringle Moor/Cold Moor to Grosmont–is here.

Coast to Coast 2007

Coast to Coast 2007

Coast to Coast – Danby Wiske to Cringle Moor/Cold Moor

17 August, 2008

Only 2 more to go now. Danby Wiske to Cringle Moor/Cold Moor can be found here.

Coast to Coast 2007

Coast to Coast 2007

Coast to Coast – Reeth to Danby Wiske: finis!

17 August, 2008

Thank the Lord… I thought I was never going to finish this one!

This turned out to be one of the most exciting days walking I’ve ever had. I’m exhausted just writing about it! 🙂 For anyone still reading (if, indeed, anyone *is* still reading), Reeth to Danby Wiske can be found here.

Coast to Coast 2007

Coast to Coast 2007

And now, bedtime! 🙂 I hope I can sleep… *g*

Tommy Emmanuel (guitar), food, pressing on with C2C write-up…

16 August, 2008

Well, it’s 5.30pm on Saturday evening, and here I am pressing on once again with my C2C write-up. Will it ever be finished, I wonder? I’d like to think that’s a rhetorical question, but… *g* Well, I’m about half way through Reeth to Danby Wiske, and currently determined to finish that section this evening.

I’ve been into town to buy ingredients for another pork/prawn wonton with Thai’ish soup thing for this evening. I lost lots of body fat on the GR20, and about time too! But since I’ve been home, taking very little exercise, it’s been creeping back on again, and so I’m making a determined effort–not entirely successful–to avoid naughty salty, fatty snacks like crisps, and stick to yummy but relatively healthy things instead. I’ve made my wonton mix and it’s currently sitting in the fridge, so that the flavours can have a chance to amalgamate. If I’m sufficiently organised later, I’ll take a piccy or two of my little parcels with the new camera.

Anyway, PhilW responded to my posting about Ken Nicol, my former guitar teacher, and so I know that there’s at least one other acoustic guitar lover out there, and these days watching Ken play often reminds me of Tommy Emmanuel so I thought I’d post a bit of Tommy from YouTube. Tommy’s undoubtedly one of the best guitarists in the world–many people would say the very best–and he’s certainly the most accomplished all-round entertainer I’ve ever seen. I first saw him play in Keswick some years ago, and because I was the first to arrive at the theatre (determined to get a seat right at the front so that I could see everything he was doing) I was already there when he strolled in from a local takeaway with some sort of Chinese meal in a bag. He stopped to chat, and told me exactly where to sit to get the best view. Before he went into the back to get ready for the gig he reminded me that great playing comes from constant practice, and told me to “get to work!” *swoon*… 🙂

Here are three videos.

The first one is easy to love. Guitar Boogie! Wow, my heart races just listening to it as I post the link in here! Go and see him in concert, and he’ll play it for you just as amazingly as this 🙂

Tommy Emmanuel – Guitar Boogie

I’ve included the second one because I love the tune: Mombasa *melts*

Tommy Emmanuel – Mombasa

This last one is the tune I think of as the essence of TE. I’m not into percussive guitar playing just for the sake of it, but this is something else altogether. It’s the most atmospheric thing I’ve ever heard anyone play, and it took me some time to get my head round the fact that he really *was* creating the whole thing right there in front of me, with nothing but his guitar, some reverb and his amp. No backing tracks: just mind-boggling playing, almost unbelievable rhythm, and infinite musicality. Unsurprisingly, it’s best live, but this’ll give you at least a sense of it. It’s quite long, and if you happen to be reading this at night I’d recommend closing the door to guard against intrusions, turning off the lights and sitting back in a comfy chair to enjoy.

Tommy Emmanuel – Initiation

Right! Back to the C2C…

Coast to Coast – Keld to Reeth now posted

15 August, 2008

Phew! And another one bites the dust.

Keld to Reeth is here, for anyone still following the tale 🙂

Coast to Coast 2007

Coast to Coast 2007

Coast to Coast – Kirkby Stephen to Keld now up

14 August, 2008

Right… I’m blasting on with this to try to get it finished. Kirkby Stephen to Keld is here, for those following the trip 🙂

Coast to Coast 2007

Coast to Coast 2007