Two tunes

14 June, 2010

There are two tunes here, tonight, for three people very special to me. All three of them are very much in my thoughts this evening.

First, for two people I’d be proud to call parents: A Candle in Notre Dame. My mother taught me to light a candle for a special intention, and that’s what I’m doing.

Secondly, some Billy Joel ♥


4 June, 2010

Challenge MP3 music — a wee fragment of it

30 May, 2010

Now that I have my darling Piglet home (she sends lix, btw) I’m spending a happy afternoon trawling YouTube for some of the things that helped me run up the steep, steep hillies and get through the long, cold nights.

Here are a few of them: some of the ones that accompany me on every walk. Happy memories!

There are lots more but I’m sure that’s enough for now.

Well, almost. Here’s my favourite ever walking song. This has been the accompaniment to many a secret boogie on a high hill, far away 🙂