Speaking of diving expeditions, here’s a bit of lovely George Michael

31 January, 2010

Mentioning the diving expedition to Belize that I took part in in an earlier post brought this to mind.

A week before I set off I was browsing around the sale rack in Monsoon searching for funky shorts, when this tune came on. I immediately loved it, which is quite unusual for me, and dashed across to the tills to ask who was singing, and what it was. Having been furnished with the answer I shot off to HMV to buy a copy of the album Listen Without Prejudice, which turned out to be utterly FAB! Even though I’d never taken any notice at all of GM prior to that.

I listened to this tune almost all the way from Manchester to Belize City. (I’m a bit obsessive, like that *g*) I’ll never forget touching down in what was then (and is still) prolly the most exotic place I’ve ever visited, with this great song echoing through my head.

I love the whole album, but the next one is my second favourite. It’s a Stevie Wonder song, I think. He’s another fabulous writer, IMO.

In fact, here’s the Stevie Wonder version too, just for the sake of completeness and the joy of comparison *g*