David Sedaris. A SheeWee for all y’all blokes!

13 September, 2008

I love David Sedaris, and when I heard this I naturally thought of all you backpacking blokes who’ve been deprived of the fun that comes with owning a SheeWee 🙂

David Sedaris — Stadium Pal

David’s written some v. funny books. I like to listen to them when I’m backpacking. There are several, but I’d recommend Dress Your Family in Corduroy & Denim, and Me Talk Pretty One Day to start off with.

Don’t read them in public unless you don’t mind crying with laughter in front of total strangers *g*


Funny, funny, funny!

5 September, 2008

I’ve just seen this over on OM. Wonderful 🙂

Elevator Psychology

See this one too!  *cries*

Candid Camera — The Gorilla

*cries uncontrollably*

Candid Camera — Funny Zombie

If you need a laugh, go over to YouTube and search on Candid Camera. I haven’t laughed like this for literally *years*!!! Wonderful, wonderful stuff 🙂

Crocs? I love them, but still… could be something in it :)

6 August, 2008

Back soon. But in the meantime…

24 August, 2007

Giant Lego Man found in Dutch Sea. And other similarly exciting things.

13 August, 2007

I’ve just found this via someone else’s page. Giant Lego Man story on Reuters. It’s wonderfully random and absurd 🙂

“AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A giant, smiling Lego man was fished out of the sea in the Dutch resort of Zandvoort on Tuesday.

Workers at a drinks stall rescued the 2.5-metre (8-foot) tall model with a yellow head and blue torso.

“We saw something bobbing about in the sea and we decided to take it out of the water,” said a stall worker. “It was a life-sized Lego toy.”

A woman nearby added: “I saw the Lego toy floating towards the beach from the direction of England.”

The toy was later placed in front of the drinks stall.

It’s hard to know how to follow that, but I’ll try… Running is still going well. I ran for about 40 minutes on both Thursday and Friday–on roads, but needs must–took Saturday off and then spent more than 2 hours in the woods on Sunday. I’m sure I must have run for at least 90 minutes, and because it was cold and wet it was exhilarating and enjoyable. I remembered to take a camera at last.

The woods

The dunes

Today I ran at lunch again: about 30 minutes, on roads. I entered a series of trail races in the Lakes late last year, but I didn’t actually attend the first two. I think there are three left, though, in September, October and November. I’m not sure I’ll be fit enough for the September race–in fact, I’m sure I won’t be–but I hope to do the other two.

I watched an amazing documentary last night: Born into Brothels. It’s about a group of children living in a brothel in Calcutta–they’re the children of the prostitutes working there–and the efforts of an English photographer to teach them to photograph their surroundings and, later, once she’d become close to them, to offer them hope of escape in the form of education. Despite just about every conceivable material and, in many cases, emotional disadvantage, they turned out to be a lively, enthusiastic, vigourous, talented, thoughtful and engaging group of children, and yet more evidence of the way in which some people whose lives are a constant struggle manage to seize upon the good rather than focus on the bad.


I also watched Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man. He’s so nice to look at, and such a truly amazing actor:)

My new 3/4 length Insul-Mat Max Thermo mattress arrived today from Australia. I’m looking forward to trying it out, and I’m also planning to get a PhD Minimus Vest in their sale, which starts this coming Saturday. The PhD sales are fantastic value, and if I could justify a new sleeping bag I’d be getting one there.

Well, that’s probably about it for now. I must reply to some comments tomorrow–I’m just as hopeless at doing that as ever. I decided that if I didn’t post something, though, I might never post here again, so here it is.

Meanwhile, the final word today goes to Monorail Cat. Heheh….

Monorail Cat (has left the station)

Weird Al – more LOLZ!

7 August, 2007

I dunno whether you’ve come across Weird Al at all, but I’ve just been browsing around my fave YouTube vids and came across this one.

Weird Al – Amish Paradise

Ooh 😦 It doesn’t allow embedding any more, but if you go to YouTube and put ‘Weird Al Amish Paradise’ in the search box it’ll come straight up.


I Can Has Cheezburger? – lol :)

7 August, 2007

I already loved this site, and was happily surprised to find it’s on WordPress. It’s full of cat piccies with funny captions, and wee recurring jokeys. Here’s one from today, for instance 🙂


Then there’s this one too 🙂

Oh NOEZ!!1! pleea close teh space hatch!

If you’ve got a minute or two spare at some time, and feel like a grin, then go and take a look. There’s a link in my Blogroll (see right hand margin). Beware, though: last time I went over for a couple of minutes I stayed an hour…