Music for Sunday evening

7 September, 2008

I just love this song, so I couldn’t resist the urge to post it here.

There’s no religious significance in it for me, btw–I don’t consider myself to be a ‘religious’ person, partly because IMO organised religions of virtually every hue are responsible for/used as an excuse for just about all of the continuing significant conflict in the world.

However (i) I love the rhythms and the tune, particularly at the beginning, and (ii) the lyrics certainly do strike a chord with me. I’d love to see the sentiment translated into reality.

Maybe next time around.

A bit of a blast for Sunday morning

7 September, 2008

This is my pal, Adrian Legg, playing one of my favourite tunes, Midwest Sunday. I found it on YouTube just now: it’s ripped from the video on which I first encountered Adrian.

I’m never sure which I actually like best in this recording: the fantastic tune, with those utterly beautiful resolving harmonies, or the equally beautiful smile from Adrian when he’s finished playing *g*

Adrian Legg — Midwest Sunday

(Buster Jones — Something fast)

After Adrian comes Buster B. Jones. I met Buster at an RMMGA bash when I went over to the States for the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in 2001. One of the blokes who lives there, Bob, held a party in his garden, and one of the other blokes brought Buster, who sat happily with a beer (or several) for over an hour, just picking and telling stories.

Buster told me that he loved my English accent.


…and a bit of music :)

4 September, 2008

God, I *love* Kate & Anna McGarrigle! Almost everything I’ve ever heard of theirs has gone straight to my heart. I’d die happy to have been able to write just one of those songs. Sigh…

Well, here’s one that captures the essence of the two of them. Just listen to those antique and amazing harmonies! I’ll probably get carried away and post another one later 🙂

Kate & Anna McGarrigle — Gentle Annie

Kk, I knew I’d be posting another one soon. This one really cracks me up, though. C’est ma petite Rufus avec his sister Martha, with a tribute to their mother (Kate M) and aunt (Anna M). V. funny 🙂

Rufus & Martha Wainwright –Tribute to Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Friday night boogie

30 August, 2008

More Tommy 🙂

At 2:55 is one of the coolest little riff-type things I’ve ever seen on a guitar!

Tommy Emmanuel — Nine Pound Hammer

Sleepy time

26 August, 2008

Is it late, and are you just finishing off before you wend your way in dream time towards the great, fluffy sleeping bag in the eternal tent?

If so, click here and enjoy 🙂

x PW

Coast to Coast – Finished! Grosmont to Robin Hood’s Bay posted :)

19 August, 2008

At last! Grosmont to Robin Hood’s Bay can be found here 🙂

Tune for the day :)

17 August, 2008

Reading Gayle’s blog just now reminded me of how much I like to listen to music while I’m walking. This has always been one of my favourite tunes–I remember singing it for my choir audition at school, and failing to get in… Sigh…

Still, it only struck me this evening when I read Gayle’s blog that it’s quite an appropriate walking song. Well, parts of it, anyway. I’m also v. fond of the Swingle Singers, and so here it is in all its glory, reproduced for your listening pleasure 🙂

The Ash Grove – The Swingle Singers

Edited to add:

ZOMG! One of my favourite pieces of music by my favourite composer, culled just now from the bowels of YouTube! Amazing!

*melts into a big, happy pool of goo*

The Harmonious Blacksmith (Handel) — The Swingle Singers