24 March, 2011
Relaxing in Arnside

Relaxing in Arnside

At last! Piggle is now installed at Hilary Gilpin’s place, being stripped, and I’m attempting to recover from the traumas of the day with a welcome drink down the hill.

My problems didn’t end with the restoration of the Pigmobile to working condition, btw. I promptly got back onto the motorway in the wrong direction, and wasted at least 25 further minutes driving towards home in a desperate search for somewhere to turn round.

We finally managed the manoeuvre at the junction of the M6 with the M55, and within minutes of resuming our journey North I had to take speedy avoiding action to steer round a huge shredded lorry tyre lying in the centre of the middle lane!

Then when I finally arrived at Hilary’ and dropped Piggle off I bent forwards to give P a wee kiss, and the little bugger reached up with her paw and almost scraped my eye out! I think it’ll be bruised tomorrow.

Heaven only knows what the journey home will bring… It’s certain to involve traffic jams, though, given the time. Sigh…