ZOMG… I’ve forgotten how to post!

30 April, 2009

Wow… I can hardly believe how long it is since I last posted here. Then again, I suppose I can believe it, because that’s just how chaotic I seem to have become. Sigh…

Well, I’m off on the TGO Challenge a week from today, and since I last posted here I’ve acquired both a puppy (Piglet — a 5m old Border Terrier) and a cat (Puss-Puss — she’s really my father’s cat, but Daddy can’t look after her any more so now she lives with Piglet and me).

If I can manage to remember how to post this I’ll have more to add, but in the meantime let’s just see if I can get it up on the site 🙂

Life affirming stuff!

12 September, 2008

This sounds like a joke, but I’m happy to say it’s true.

In Massachusetts 3 days ago, New Bedford firefighter Al Machado saved a cat with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after rescuing it from an apartment fire. 2 cats died in the fire, but the firefighters saved a number of other animals.

Little Peewiglet tells a friend about the rescue

Little Peewiglet is going to write to the firefighter to thank him for what he did.

Rant! Beware Note Tab Pro / Plimus / Fookes Software

9 September, 2008

Bloody hell! I’ve been using a trial version of Note Tab Pro for a month or so, as an HTML editor. This morning I spotted a change that I need to make to a page on my website, but when I tried to start the programme it told me that the trial period was over.

I went to the web page and paid for it with Paypal–£20–and although the company, Plimus, took my money immediately I received an email from them as follows.

Thank you for submitting your order for NoteTab-NoteTab Pro using Plimus. Your order
is currently being reviewed by our staff for quality purposes, this process is
usually completed within a few minutes, however, please allow up to 12 hours to hear
back from us. If you wish to expedite your approval, please click on the following
link to add your comments:
[URL removed by me]

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, your order will be processed
shortly. If you have any question about your order or wish to leave us a comment,
please click on the following link:
[URL removed by me]

Important: Do not submit another order through our system as this will further delay
the processing and may cause a double-billing to your credit card.

Thanks for your patience,

Plimus Sales

What a bloody cheek! They’ve taken my money (my Paypal account confirms it) but they haven’t sent me the registration code! I’ve emailed them, but they haven’t yet responded.

What on earth makes manufacturers who sell software online for immediate download imagine that it’s okay to make people who’ve paid for a product wait any period of time at all, let alone an indefinite period, while they ‘review the order for quality purposes’? I came across this sort of thing a couple of times a few years ago, when online selling was less common, but not recently. Nor had I expected to encounter it from the vendor of a well-known product like this.

Rant, rant, rant…

Edited to add:

Well, it all arrived about 20 minutes later, so all’s well etc etc. It turns out that Fookes Software, who produce Note Tab Pro, employ Plimus to sell it for them. I’ve written to Fookes Software to tell them about this weird practice, and I’ll be interested to see whether they reply or not.


Music for Sunday evening

7 September, 2008

I just love this song, so I couldn’t resist the urge to post it here.

There’s no religious significance in it for me, btw–I don’t consider myself to be a ‘religious’ person, partly because IMO organised religions of virtually every hue are responsible for/used as an excuse for just about all of the continuing significant conflict in the world.

However (i) I love the rhythms and the tune, particularly at the beginning, and (ii) the lyrics certainly do strike a chord with me. I’d love to see the sentiment translated into reality.

Maybe next time around.

Sad news, today, for all Challengers

6 September, 2008

Tony Hardman (& Cameron) — 2006: 10 Challenges in

I heard earlier today from Challenge pals that Tony Hardman died last Wednesday while walking the GR5. He was only 64. His walking partner couldn’t wake him in the morning, and it seems that he’d suffered a heart attack in his sleep. When it’s my turn, I hope that’s exactly how I’ll trot out.

Tony was a lovely, warm, friendly and generous man. I met him in the Knoydart on the Challenge in 2006, and shared a couple of bothy nights with him and some other pals. I tripped when descending from some hill or other the day after Kinbreack bothy, and after Bob and Rose had helped me to the Tomdoun Hotel Tony offered to carry my pack for me: all the rest of the way across Scotland, if necessary.

When we got to Montrose, Cameron presented him with his certificate and wee gifty for completing 10 Challenges. That’s him above, grinning with delight.

RIP, Tony.

Pathetic self-indulgence, and a conspiracy

29 August, 2008

I heard some sad news today, and now I’m fed up. So I’m going out to buy some junk food and slob around eating it in front of the telly. I can only hope that the bloody tarantula spider doesn’t come out again, and demand my food with menaces.

I mentioned wee creatures invading my space the other day, and I reckon that they’re developing a network now and ganging up against me. Last night I awoke at about 4am to find two wasps buzzing like twin-engined Cessnas around my head in bed. It was pretty scary. More specifically, they were buzzing around the lamp on the side table, which I’d failed to turn off when I’d fallen asleep over John Hillaby’s Journey Through Britain. That was no comfort, though, the lamp being only about 8 inches from my head, and so I had to decamp to the arm chair in the next room and sleep there.

That was scary too, though, since the last time I saw the tarantula spider it was disappearing under the arm chair with a glare, and waving two legs aggressively in my direction. As I fell asleep on the chair, wrapped in my formerly spider infested Rab sleeping bag, I’m almost sure I heard mutterings from the carpet, and I dreamed that the blasted thing had crawled up the sleeping bag onto my tummy and that I’d had to brush it off my chest.

*takes deep, cleansing breath*

I need junk food NOW.

Back again (again)

3 August, 2008

Hello peeps. I’m back!

I’m sorry for the prolonged absence. I’ve been bogged down in depression for much of the last couple of years, and when that happens I tend to retreat a bit. Things are looking up, though, and so here I am again.

Corsican Free-Range Piglet

Corsican Piglet

I’ve just returned from the GR20, and I’ve spent much of the last week and a half writing it up. It’s almost driven me round the bend! Anyway, if anyone’s interested in the GR20 then do take a look. There are loads of photos, as well as some little films and the usual ton of waffle 🙂 If you take a look then please let me know what you think.

Well, I hope y’all are well…