David Sedaris. A SheeWee for all y’all blokes!

13 September, 2008

I love David Sedaris, and when I heard this I naturally thought of all you backpacking blokes who’ve been deprived of the fun that comes with owning a SheeWee 🙂

David Sedaris — Stadium Pal

David’s written some v. funny books. I like to listen to them when I’m backpacking. There are several, but I’d recommend Dress Your Family in Corduroy & Denim, and Me Talk Pretty One Day to start off with.

Don’t read them in public unless you don’t mind crying with laughter in front of total strangers *g*

Music for Sunday evening

7 September, 2008

I just love this song, so I couldn’t resist the urge to post it here.

There’s no religious significance in it for me, btw–I don’t consider myself to be a ‘religious’ person, partly because IMO organised religions of virtually every hue are responsible for/used as an excuse for just about all of the continuing significant conflict in the world.

However (i) I love the rhythms and the tune, particularly at the beginning, and (ii) the lyrics certainly do strike a chord with me. I’d love to see the sentiment translated into reality.

Maybe next time around.

A bit of a blast for Sunday morning

7 September, 2008

This is my pal, Adrian Legg, playing one of my favourite tunes, Midwest Sunday. I found it on YouTube just now: it’s ripped from the video on which I first encountered Adrian.

I’m never sure which I actually like best in this recording: the fantastic tune, with those utterly beautiful resolving harmonies, or the equally beautiful smile from Adrian when he’s finished playing *g*

Adrian Legg — Midwest Sunday

(Buster Jones — Something fast)

After Adrian comes Buster B. Jones. I met Buster at an RMMGA bash when I went over to the States for the Healdsburg Guitar Festival in 2001. One of the blokes who lives there, Bob, held a party in his garden, and one of the other blokes brought Buster, who sat happily with a beer (or several) for over an hour, just picking and telling stories.

Buster told me that he loved my English accent.


Funny, funny, funny!

5 September, 2008

I’ve just seen this over on OM. Wonderful 🙂

Elevator Psychology

See this one too!  *cries*

Candid Camera — The Gorilla

*cries uncontrollably*

Candid Camera — Funny Zombie

If you need a laugh, go over to YouTube and search on Candid Camera. I haven’t laughed like this for literally *years*!!! Wonderful, wonderful stuff 🙂

TGO Challenge Video — hee hee!

25 August, 2008

It happens that the bloke who used to be my guitar teacher recorded a very funny song about a holiday in Scotland, and it occurred to me this morning to set some Challenge pics to it and make a video.

It’s mainly pics from my 2006 crossing, but there are some pictures from 2005 as well. All the usual suspects will find themselves featured at one point or another (or several, heheh…)

Well, if you watch it then I hope you enjoy 🙂

Incidentally, I’ll put the larger, better quality vid up on MegaUpload, so if you’d like a copy you can download it there. (Membership isn’t necessary, though it’s free and I think downloads may happen faster that way.) I’ll add a link to it here when it’s up.

Edited to say:

Megaupload download link here.

Tommy Emmanuel (guitar), food, pressing on with C2C write-up…

16 August, 2008

Well, it’s 5.30pm on Saturday evening, and here I am pressing on once again with my C2C write-up. Will it ever be finished, I wonder? I’d like to think that’s a rhetorical question, but… *g* Well, I’m about half way through Reeth to Danby Wiske, and currently determined to finish that section this evening.

I’ve been into town to buy ingredients for another pork/prawn wonton with Thai’ish soup thing for this evening. I lost lots of body fat on the GR20, and about time too! But since I’ve been home, taking very little exercise, it’s been creeping back on again, and so I’m making a determined effort–not entirely successful–to avoid naughty salty, fatty snacks like crisps, and stick to yummy but relatively healthy things instead. I’ve made my wonton mix and it’s currently sitting in the fridge, so that the flavours can have a chance to amalgamate. If I’m sufficiently organised later, I’ll take a piccy or two of my little parcels with the new camera.

Anyway, PhilW responded to my posting about Ken Nicol, my former guitar teacher, and so I know that there’s at least one other acoustic guitar lover out there, and these days watching Ken play often reminds me of Tommy Emmanuel so I thought I’d post a bit of Tommy from YouTube. Tommy’s undoubtedly one of the best guitarists in the world–many people would say the very best–and he’s certainly the most accomplished all-round entertainer I’ve ever seen. I first saw him play in Keswick some years ago, and because I was the first to arrive at the theatre (determined to get a seat right at the front so that I could see everything he was doing) I was already there when he strolled in from a local takeaway with some sort of Chinese meal in a bag. He stopped to chat, and told me exactly where to sit to get the best view. Before he went into the back to get ready for the gig he reminded me that great playing comes from constant practice, and told me to “get to work!” *swoon*… 🙂

Here are three videos.

The first one is easy to love. Guitar Boogie! Wow, my heart races just listening to it as I post the link in here! Go and see him in concert, and he’ll play it for you just as amazingly as this 🙂

Tommy Emmanuel – Guitar Boogie

I’ve included the second one because I love the tune: Mombasa *melts*

Tommy Emmanuel – Mombasa

This last one is the tune I think of as the essence of TE. I’m not into percussive guitar playing just for the sake of it, but this is something else altogether. It’s the most atmospheric thing I’ve ever heard anyone play, and it took me some time to get my head round the fact that he really *was* creating the whole thing right there in front of me, with nothing but his guitar, some reverb and his amp. No backing tracks: just mind-boggling playing, almost unbelievable rhythm, and infinite musicality. Unsurprisingly, it’s best live, but this’ll give you at least a sense of it. It’s quite long, and if you happen to be reading this at night I’d recommend closing the door to guard against intrusions, turning off the lights and sitting back in a comfy chair to enjoy.

Tommy Emmanuel – Initiation

Right! Back to the C2C…

YouTube vids of my ex-guitar teacher (cool)

15 August, 2008

Browsing round I’ve just found these. Well actually I found the first one a while ago, but forgot about it, and I’ve just stumbled across it again.

This is Ken Nicol, who was my guitar teacher for a couple of years, a few years ago. He now plays in Steeleye Span (remember All Around My Hat?), but I reckon this is him in his garage/recording studio at home.

Ken Nicol — In the Wake of Forward Motion

Ken Nicol — F.Y.

Cool, eh? 🙂