24 September, 2012

Excellent 🙂

Celebrity Masterchef — The Final!

21 September, 2012

I don’t normally watch Celebrity Masterchef (preferring Masterchef, The Professionals), but I’ve watched this series.

My money is on Danny Mills to win tonight, though it could be Emma Kennedy. I think it’ll be Danny, though. Good luck to all three of them 🙂

Fun in the hedgerow

21 September, 2012


While Piglet dashes up and down inside the hedge searching for rabbits, Mummy makes the most of the opportunity for a mid-morning snack 🙂

A beautiful morning in a lovely place

18 September, 2012


Piggle and I have stopped for a rest, and to absorb the beauty of our surroundings. Only the two of us here.

Great tune!

7 September, 2012

I only like the chorus–the rest of it sounds limp and dreary to me–but wow! The chorus is great 🙂 Fast forward to 0.46 to go straight to it.