Master & Commander in Swiss Figures

1 January, 2016

It may be that you need to have read some/all of the amazing Patrick O’Brian Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin/Master & Commander books to appreciate this, but if you love the books you’ll love these too! Many thanks to Swisskun for making them, and for putting them up on YouTube.

And if you’ve not read the books yet then this is the perfect opportunity to start 🙂

The quality of the first one isn’t brilliant as the original files were lost (aagghh…), but the humour still comes through just fine 🙂

Wow! Whenever I need a smile…

18 December, 2012

…I’ll be watching this. Fantastic! ♥

LOL! Funny cat video :)

4 December, 2012

(Ummm… is that DeputyDawg at 1.47???)


25 December, 2010


Grounds for Divorce

19 December, 2010

I love this! I thought I’d posted it on here some time ago but apparently not. I was reminded of it when watching The Apprentice this evening, though, weirdly enough… *g*

Coventry Carol – A different version, plus (bonus track!) Gabriel’s Message

16 December, 2010

I see K’nipe has posted a version of my favourite carol–The Coventry Carol–over on his blog. It’s an interesting and enjoyable version, but this one by Alison Moyet is my favourite.

And this one’s my other favourite Christmas carol 🙂

Aaaaah! Darling wee piglet :)

5 December, 2010

Shameless theft of great video!

30 November, 2010

I got this from Mike K’Nipe’s excellent blog this morning, but it’s so utterly wonderful that I have to post it here too, so that I don’t lose it 🙂

Many thanks, Mike (and also JJ, who sent it to Mike).

Je vais walking demain :)

23 June, 2010

Au revoir! ♥ ♥ ♥

Chally Vid — the Cheese & Wine, and other drunken occasions :)

15 June, 2010

I recorded some podcasts for Bob as I bimbled across Scotland on the Challenge, but I’m fairly sure that the recording I made at Alan and Phil’s second cheese & wine won’t make the cut and so I thought I’d do something with it myself, since it was such a fabulous evening, and I’ll never forget it.

Many thanks to all of you cheese & winers for a wonderful time, as well as to all the rest of the people I met on the various drunken adventures that occurred in the second half of my 2010 Challenge ♥ ♥ ♥

For a larger and better quality version, btw, take a look at it on Facebook here.