Lakeland — Impressive Customer Service

13 October, 2013

lakeland 01

I love Lakeland. On Friday I nipped in with my sister (for two supremely happy hours), having spent a few days walking in the Lakes, and bought lots of lovely things for my kitchen 🙂

Today I attempted to fit my new ‘Magic Hob Liners’, but found they were too small for my range cooker. I rang Lakeland and offered to return them for a refund, but the woman I spoke to said that sounded like a long way for me to travel and simply refunded my card immediately. She didn’t even want the hob liners back, and suggested that I should give them to a friend or to a charity shop!

In these days when we’re all watching the pennies, this sort of stellar customer service is particularly welcome and appreciated. Well done, and thank you, Lakeland!

Also, and while I’m at it, if there’s anybody else out there who hasn’t cleaned their oven for two years but hates the nasty, pongy oven-cleaning products available in supermarkets, I’d highly recommend Lakeland’s ‘Oven Mate Cleaning Gel‘, which I bought about 6 months ago and finally got round to using a couple of weekends ago. Absolutely brilliant! I left it on overnight and wiped it off in the morning. Almost every bit of nasty brown gunk came away, and now I no longer get nasty burning smells when I’m cooking something hot in my oven. And, true to their promise, there was no smell. I even used it on the oven racks, and now they’re sparkling like new.

I’m not very good at the old household maintenance stuff, and so products that really do the business without unnecessary fuss or mess are very much appreciated Chez Peewiglet. Lakeland tends to be where I look first, and now I’ve been reminded of exactly why that is.