Je vais walking demain :)

23 June, 2010

Au revoir! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wee Grammatical Conundrum…

16 June, 2010

I’m hoping some grammar ace can help me out with this wee dilemma, as it’s been whizzling around futilely in the piggly brain for a couple of years now, and–sadly–I’m no closer to resolving it than I was when I began.

When I refer in writing to scrummy lunches I’ve consumed, which contained the cheese of the goat, should I be writing about “goat’s cheese” or should it be “goats’ cheese”?

All suggestions gratefully received, but please show your workings *g*

Chally Vid — the Cheese & Wine, and other drunken occasions :)

15 June, 2010

I recorded some podcasts for Bob as I bimbled across Scotland on the Challenge, but I’m fairly sure that the recording I made at Alan and Phil’s second cheese & wine won’t make the cut and so I thought I’d do something with it myself, since it was such a fabulous evening, and I’ll never forget it.

Many thanks to all of you cheese & winers for a wonderful time, as well as to all the rest of the people I met on the various drunken adventures that occurred in the second half of my 2010 Challenge ♥ ♥ ♥

For a larger and better quality version, btw, take a look at it on Facebook here.

Two tunes

14 June, 2010

There are two tunes here, tonight, for three people very special to me. All three of them are very much in my thoughts this evening.

First, for two people I’d be proud to call parents: A Candle in Notre Dame. My mother taught me to light a candle for a special intention, and that’s what I’m doing.

Secondly, some Billy Joel ♥

Wow… Chris Thile playing Bach and other stuff

10 June, 2010

I was looking at some Nickel Creek vids on YouTube last night. In fact, I think I posted Sweet Afton.

Browsing a little further this morning, though, I’ve come across Chris Thile playing some Bach. He really is simply astounding with that mandolin!

Here he is playing something of his own…

…and here he is with Nickel Creek (sadly no more, it seems) doing The Fox.

And here they are doing The House of Tom Bombadil.

This one contains footage of him playing aged 8 or so. Hmmm…. I suppose this is why he can play like that and I can’t 🙂


10 June, 2010

The bit with Rolf Harris and the dog thingy makes me laugh *g*

Or then there’s this version!

Morez tunez :-)

10 June, 2010


4 June, 2010

What a day…

2 June, 2010

My sister and I took Daddy out for lunch. Things started well, but ended badly.

Afterwards, Piglet suggested a walk on the beach, and what a good idea that was. It was as lovely an evening as I remember enjoying down there.

Walking in a hot place — suggestions?

2 June, 2010

The sunshine has inspired me to get out to a lovely hot place and walk, again. My first thoughts were of the GR20, but (i) I’ve already done it quite recently, and (ii) the new booking system is too much of a faff for me to contemplate, if it’s being enforced.

Any suggestions? I could always go back to the Pyrenees and do another 14 days along the Haute Route, but I’m wondering what else might be around. My preference is for camping outside Refuges, and doing some eating inside them (it’s great fun, trying out the fledgling French).

All suggestions welcome 🙂